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I love it when people share blog posts about their bullet journals, but I am in no way that organised to ever do one of those! I really love the idea but I don’t have enough time for that at the moment. So instead I thought I would share something similar. Last May I started a travel journal to write and capture down on paper the places and events that I have been to. I was walking around Camden Market in London and came across the most gorgeous leather bound sketch book and I had to get it. I loved the patterns on the outside as well as the way it closes with its little catch and string and crossed over flaps. I started this journal to make me want to travel and explore the world more and I think it has worked a little (I just need to remember to use it) I haven’t been too many places in the past year but I want it to be a work in progress. So here are a few snippets & pictures from the journal so far…


I guess I should start with the very first page! As in any journal/diary or notebook I get I always write my name and address in the font just in case I lose it on my adventures (which I have covered for my own dignity). I also included a random polaroid of my face that I had living around my room. I can’t remember why I added it but it does looks cool. I also attempted to draw a style with a view in the distance but I haven’t finished it yet!!


As you probably know from my last blog post but I have an obsession with flowers. Plus If I do say so myself I can draw a pretty good flowers. I was also obsessed with drawing this style of flower (which I think are poppies?) for a while so included that too! On the next page you can just about see my first written section about getting the journal it’s self. I like to write the place name, date and the co-ordinates of the location on every entry. (There are also a lot of loose tickets and random pieces of mementoes throughout the journal).


To separate some of the pages I have also iincluded some travel quotes that I really like such as this one…


I have also dedicated a little section to France after my visit last year. I really love this section of the Journal as I managed to write something everyday plus I took so many polaroid and collected so many tickets the pages look really full. You can see below that I almost did a title page to introduce the holiday.

So there you go that is a few pages from my journal. I would have shown you more but I would like to keep it kind of private as I have written about personal things in there.

Do you have a journal or travel journal? Let me know if you would one day like to see more? (I say one day as I need to go adventuring first).


Little Mayfly x



36 thoughts on “Travel Journal…

  1. Love Love Love! My Mum has just made a gorgeous one for my son as he wants to go traveling. I use a gorgeous travel note book that I use to write down my research of places I want to visit when Iv booked to go to another country. I think its a great idea to have a travel journal x

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  2. One of my daughters gave me a notebook for me to write down my travels and musings. The lines are actually teeny print of tiny Alice In Wonderland – so apt for my wanderings, real and imagined. Of course I was loathe to write anything in it for ages. However, knowing how much I loved writing when much younger, and I still have those journals, I rediscovered how enjoyable physically writing is.

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  3. I love your notebook its so vintage looking and perfect for a journal, Camden is always great for things like this 🙂

    I have a travel journal from my Trek America trip which I may share but like you some things I guess would be good to keep private. Its weird how we have got to a point where diary’s used to be a private thing and are now published on the web though for everyone to read isn’t it!!

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  4. I do not have a travel journal but I have a scrapbook – I am so backlogged with the scrapbook though as it is so costly and time-consuming printing pictures, I think it is time to start a travel journal. Especially since I am travelling so much now. xx

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  5. Loved this! Travel journals are the best idea, I have so so many of them and although they mostly sit in a box under the stairs catching dust, there is always times I come back to them and am able to relive some of my best memories I’ve made!

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  6. Wonderful idea! I am currently trying to journal more when I am actually traveling. When I was younger, I would simply rely on my mind’s loose recollection. Over time, I am sure that I have lost my grip on notable details. Thank you for this piece of inspiration!

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