My Camera Collection…

So if you follow me or have read some of my posts you will know that I have a tiny obsession with cameras. So I thought I would share my little collection with you today. I have collected these over the past 2 years I would say? I will add a little blurb about each one and have put them in order of purchase.

Instax Mini 70:

This little polaroid camera was pretty much the start of the obsession. It’s easy to use not to expensive to reload and it’s bright yellow!! It may only take tiny pictures but it’s a really good size to chuck into my backpack for on the go days.


330 Land Camera:

This is one of my favourites! Not only does it look super cool with the pull out front but the picture quality is really good. You can also do multiple exposures which I have done on several occasions by accident! But it has created some really cool pictures I also actually converted this one from the old camera battery to normal AA batteries myself. This one cost around £12 from Ebay but the film price is around £40 because it has been discontinued. I have done an individual blog post on this one you can find it here… Polaroid 330 Land Camera…


Sony A5000:

This is my most modern camera and I use this one for most of the pictures you will see on my blog. It took me ages to decide on a camera to buy for blog pictures but I am so glad I picked this one. It’s super easy to chuck in my backpack and takes some really good pictures!! Plus the flip screen is really handy for those selfies.

Kodak EK100:

This is my most recent camera Ebay purchase! And to be honest I didn’t do any research on this one before a last minute bid. The camera came with film but after some research into why all the pictures were black I found that all of the film didn’t age well so pictures wont develop which is sad. I found an old style battery that still fits it though so it functions correctly (If your an expert and know about this camera and can help me out I would appreciate if you knew more on it??) I still have a few slides of film inside this camera so I may try again with this one. But I really love the look of this one, he looks like a little robot.


So there you go there is my mini collection so far. I am always on Ebay looking for different types of polaroid & old film cameras. I always have a few on my watch list and it is always interesting to see what price they all go for. I don’t really have anywhere to display them at the moment due to lack of space but one day I want to make cool display shelf for them… one day when I move out! I’m sure I will show you when I do. You can find some of the Polaroids some of these have taken by checking out my month ‘Polaroid Of The Month’ post on the 13th of every month. You can find them by clicking on the photography menu at the top of this page.

Thanks for taking a look!

Little Mayfly x



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