A Little Holiday Photo Diary…

Hello Internet! If you’ve been wondering where I have been for the past week I have actually been on a little holiday to Lynmouth in Devon and also decided to take a little blogging break along side that too. It was so lush to get away for a few days I feel refreshed and am ready to go again. To get myself back into the blogging vibe I thought I would share with you a little photo diary of what I got up to over the past few days. I am going to do a separate explore blog post on Lynton & Lynmouth but I took so many photos that I thought I would share some with you…

Arriving and taking a look around Lynton & Lynmouth… We stayed In a beautiful B&B just behind me in this picture. It was all so pretty.

Cliff Railway… Connecting together the two little towns together is the worlds first frenetic Cliff Railway. Powered by water and gravity the Victorian railway takes you up or down the steep cliff for a few pounds. Plus the view from the top is so worth it!

Fish + Gin= a very happy Chloe…

Valley of the Rocks… On Wednesday we walked to The Valley Of The Rocks it was so beautiful

Ilfracombe… On Thursday we visited Ilfracombe the harbour was so pretty and I really liked the Damien Hurst statue.

Evening walks along the sea front…

So there you go a little snap shot of my little holiday. Thanks for taking a look! I had the best time away!! I will be back to posting now so if you would love to see something please let me know in the comments.

Little Mayfly x




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