Exploring Lynton & Lynmouth…

So as you probably know I have just been away to a little place in Devon, England called Lynton & Lynmouth. It was the cutest little place so I thought I would do a little post of the best things to do/see. So here goes…

One of the main tourist attractions to Lynmouth is the Cliff Railway. Made in 1890 the Victorian invention simply uses water and gravity to move two cars from the top to the bottom of the cliff. At a 57% angle it’s a big cliff to climb!! We used the railway a fair few times during our stay so we could easily get around without walking the very steep cliff path. The little cars work all day during the summer from 10am-8pm.

There are a few places to eat in Lynmouh but there was one place we kept returning too. The Ancient Marina was a lovely pub/resturant with an extensive Gin menu. We ate there twice and stopped off for a Gin most evenings. The Salt & Pepper Squid stater was so good I had it twice & I also loved the massive bowl of Mussels I had the first evening we arrived. They were really good. I also tried quite a few items from their Gin menu including some blackberry and elderflowers gins that were really good!!

There is a coastal path that runs all the way around the Devon/Cornwall coast and one morning we walked to The Valley Of The Rocks a cliff formation around about an 45 minute walk from Lynmouth’s center. There are a few routes so for the less adventurous there is a pretty flat concrete path. It’s so tall and really beautiful. Plus if your lucky you’ll spot the local goats hidden in the bracken or snuggled in the cliff face. There is also a little cafe where you can stop for a beverage or snack. If your really up for a walk you could walk even further than we did to some of the bays further around the coast, but my feet couldn’t hack that! We also spotted a Porpoise and her calf which was amazing to seeing the wild.

Lynton & Lynmouth has very pebbled beach each side of the river with lots of large rocks to climb and explore during low tide only. But a walk or a short drive (or a longer walk) away you can find Woody Bay which is great to walk down to. It’s very secluded and even has a Victorian pool carved into the rocks, that fill with the tide. I didn’t take a dip but we did spot some sand eels in the pool. There is also a stone fort looking building that looks like it belongs in Dragon Stone from Game Of Thrones.

Over all if you like to go exploring on beaches and make your own fun I would say this area of the UK is for you!! We had such a good little week and would happily go again as I still think there is so much more to explore. Plus even though it was mid summer holidays we didn’t spend and extortionate amount of money which is a huge bonus!

Thanks for taking a look! I know this was similar to my Photo Diary post but I hope you got  little more information from this post.

Little Mayfly x

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