Today is my birthday! And I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22 (I hope you sang that)!! It seems weird saying that. I always thought 22 was such an adult age but I’m still over here feeling like Im 18. I was going to post a 22 things in 22 years post but I genuenly couldn’t think of 22 different things from the 21 things I posted last year. Instead I was just going to do a little review on that past year/look into the future.

The past year has been pretty crazy!! From being a new graduate to trying to find my feet at home. The addition of  a boyfriend and the dreaded job hunt (that if you follow me you’ll know that took a while). I think it would be safe to say that I have only truly settled in the past two months. It was tough coming back home and not having a time table to go back to in September. I feel so much settled now, and I think that was mainly down to getting my job as I am now back in a proper routine which I think has also really helped my mental health. I am back on track yes I still have a few wobbles every now and again but apart from that Im all good head wise. Another thing I’m so happy with is my dance teaching job. I never really saw myself as a teacher or thought I would really like it, but I was very wrong!! I love teaching. There is something so special about seeing the kids improve and really throw themselves into dance.

Looking forward into the next year I already have some great things planned. I will get back on stage very soon, direct a musical with the kids I teach dance to I have a few different classes in September so I’m looking forward to that new challenge. I also just arranged to go and see 21 Pilots in the new year which I am very excited about!! Plus I will  hopefully have lots of little adventures in between that I am sure I will fill you in on. In terms of blogging?! I think this blog will just keep growing! It has grow more in the past year then I ever thought it would have. I am excited to see where it takes me.

Lets just say I am looking forward to being 22!

Thanks for taking a look x


48 thoughts on “22…

  1. heartfelt wishes, online xxxl bouquet flowers full of success wishful with hope that you always go well as you just described in your words you find your way and do whatever you enjoy, wobbly or here is very healthy (you can also europick school (k! urs) make or jerk-school a lot of people need exercise, there are many feasibility, which you find out yourself the fun makes all the happy birth day to 122 years, I wish you and of course fieren without much Alcohol would be even better !!!!!

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  2. I sooo remember feeling and thinking what you are saying when I was 22 (I’m only 24 so it’s all very fresh!) . I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day, dear!! These are some of the best years as scary as they are entering into the whole “Adult world” … ENJOY & soak um’ up!

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  3. I graduated this summer too and am currently looking for a job. It is a struggle because I feel so lazy not having anything to do with my days other than prepare for jobs and job interviews but I am also enjoying the first time-off I have had since I started school aged 5. Congrats on your job! xx

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