Sloe Gin…

Last year me and my boyfriend Jack made ourselves some blackberry vodka which was really good. Ever since then we have become Gin lovers. So this year we decided to attempt some Sloe Gin. Now I actually attempted to make some Sloe Gin 8 years ago (thanks Facebook memories! and yes I was 14 at the time). To be honest back then I just made it as something to do, but now I am hoping I can actually drink it and enjoy it. Sloe gin is something Jack has during the shooting season, so it will be cool for him to take his own. Below I have included the recipe plus pictures of each step…


Now the recipe you use can really vary depending on your taste preference but you can always add more sugar at a later date.

Here’s what you need: (for one 1 litre jar or container of gin)

  • 280 grams of sloe’s
  • 600ml of any unflavoured gin (any cheap gin is fine)
  • 140 grams of sugar


Once you’ve picked your sloe’s there is two ways to do the next step. You can either individually prick each sloe (which can be very tedious). Or you can freeze them over night which simulate’s a frost and encourages them to split which saves a lot of time. Once you’ve defrosted the sloe’s the next morning you can begin adding all of the ingredients together in your jar. It is easier if you add the sloe’s into the jar first other wise it can get a little messy trying to add them into the gin. But once all the sloe’s, gin and sugar are all in the jar, all you need to do is put the lid on and shake until all of the sugar is dissolved. Then all you need do is turn/ shake the jar everyday until all of the sugar has dissolved. Then leave to sit for around the next three months before straining out with a muslin. You can then either drink it or leave it as long as you want, as it will only get better with age.


I’m really looking forward to seeing how it turns out! Sloe Gin is suppost to be really good with Prossecco, which is nick named a ‘Sloegasm’. Jack says it’s a must have during the Shooting season so I would like to try that out once it’s ready. I will try and do an update post to let you now how the process goes with straining and tasting.

Thanks for taking a look!

Have you ever tried Sloe Gin? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Little Mayfly x


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