Short Hair…

So I have had long hair since around year 10 at secondary school. My hair became something I hid behind because I was ‘the shy one who clung onto the end of a friendship group’ whilst at school. Since leaving school my hair again has just been super long!! BUT the day before my birthday I had a YOLO moment (yes we still say that) and I had a massive chop!!! Like massive!! HUGE! Well for me it was huge.


So far I am loving it. It’s so cute and just really easy to deal with! I didn’t realise how much hair I had and how long it took me to sort out in the morning. It is also super easy to style. It is a bit crazy when I wake up in the mornings but a quick straighten or a little curl with a curling iron and it’s ready for the whole day. It’s also cute if I put half up in a little bun or pin a few bits out of my face.


I just love it so much! I am so glad I just went and did it, I also think it was the right time to do it. I felt I needed a change and I think this was exactly what I needed. It’s just something fresh and new and I am so so glad I did it.

Have you ever needed a change and turned to a hair cut?

Thanks for taking a look as always.

Little Mayfly x

Ps. Thanks Will





54 thoughts on “Short Hair…

  1. Aw I think it looks awesome! I went for the chop again a few days ago (but regret it as the hairdresser mistook ‘shoulder length hair’ for being about 2 inches above the shoulder!) The new ‘do looks great, and with a haircut often comes a sense of newness that’s so refreshing! 🙂
    Caz xx

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  2. It looks so good! I cut my hair short once but it frizzed horribly as I didn’t realize it was the weight of the hair that was keeping it straight so no more short hair for me. I do dye my hair different colours from time to time though – I have found I associate different colours with different stages in my life. xx

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