Evita UK Tour…

So this week I have been a super in the UK tour of the musical Evita at Malvern Theatre. As the show tours around they use adults and kids from the local areas to enhance their cast for big numbers or crowd scenes. From start to finish the experience has been amazing, coming from a performing back ground it was amazing to not only be a part of it but to see everything that happens behind the scenes in a full professional production! There is so much happening behind he scenes that you have no clue about. Both cast and crew were all so lovely and couldn’t have welcomed us better and properly made us feel part of the team. 41473099_405515773316898_8311082611946553344_n.jpg

As we were almost like extras in a movie I didn’t expect us to have such awesome costumes. We had a dress or shirt for each act plus a coat and head scarf for the first mourning scene. I loved my act 1 outfit it was so cute, I looked like a WW2 lady (which may have been a bit just off the time period) but still very cool. We also had a mini session with the wigs department on how to do our hair.


There is nothing like that feeling of performing on stage, the buzz, the atmosphere it sounds corny but I live for that feeling. I haven’t felt like that for ages so it was nice to feel part of something again. It was just amazing to be part of a professional production and has shown me that I do love performing. University really knocked my performing confidence and made me feel like I would never make it in performing. This came along and has kind of pointed me in that direction again. I guess I just need get my butt on stage more and do what I actually love to do is what I am really saying.



Thank you again to everyone who made this week possible. I’ve had the best time waving my banner or flag and fan girling over the Queen that is Eva Peron.

Chloe x


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