Body Confidence…

Body confidence? Or should I say what body confidence? Or even just confidence in general, because currently I don’t have any! I mean I probably do somewhere deep down in the pit of my stomach but it is hiding pretty well. I used to love getting dressed up and putting on nice clothes but the past 6 months that has been non existent. I have to admit I have avoided going out with friends because I just don’t want to wear nice clothes.

The fact is that the clothes I once felt good in I now feel disgusting in! Like an eww Im panicking and could be sick everywhere kind of feeling! That feeling that takes over everything. Yes I have put on a little weight since coming home from uni but I’m not fat and I shouldn’t feel ashamed of the way I look. But yet I can’t help going for the baggy jumpers, comfy leggings and scruffy bun look because ‘it’s a weekend’ and you can get away with the scruffy look if you’ve had a busy week right?

I used to go out in short skirts, shorts and crop tops all the time yet now I can’t even look at the pile of crop tops in my draw without feeling this weird ashamed feeling. I know I have always compared myself to every other thing possible on this planet but at the moment I am just lacking that sparkle. That umph to think ‘fuck it, I will wear this and not give a shit’. Instead I think fuck it lets just curl up in bed and hide because then nobody can see me or judge me so it doesn’t matter. Im suppose to be going out next week for a friends birthday but the thought of dressing up and eating is honestly freaking me the fuck out! (God sake Chloe chill!). I have brought a nice jumpsuit that looks nice in the comfort of my own room in the two seconds I put it on for, but come next week that could all change.

I guess I wish someone could wave a magic wand or give me an elixir that gives me body confidence like in Shrek 2 but… we all know that doesn’t happen in real life.

Sorry for yet another brain fart post…

Thanks Little Mayfly x

(written of course from bed, whilst wearing my scruffy weekend attire)




28 thoughts on “Body Confidence…

  1. Girl, message me + we can talk. I help girls with this daily and I hate to read things like this, let alone see someone I know hurting from this. You got this + I want to help you through it ❤

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  2. I’ve been so sick, and have had to doctors about things I don’t ever want to talk about. I have no confidence any more. It may come back… maybe. I don’t need body confidence. Just confidence in general. Maybe instead of body confidence… work on the confidence part. I know self defense classes help. Maybe pick up a class or maybe yoga to help start.

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  3. You just need a friend to pursue and push you out of home. And do stuff that would make you both happy, when you are happy there’s no extra dose of confidence needed. Or maybe it’s just the fall season when we want to curl up in our sofas and read a book while being cozy, if that’s not the case then join the nearest gym and make a gym buddy. The fact that you have paid for the gym will make you move out of home even when you don’t want it.


  4. You are not alone in feeling like this and it’s reassuring to think you won’t always feel it 🙂 look after yourself and let yourself wear the cosy clothes, in a few months you might be itching to dress up and not be worried about the way certain pieces look anymore x

  5. I started to think I wasn’t confident anymore in the past few years because I didn’t want to wear the same tiny clothes I wore in high school, but I came to realize that I’m just growing up. I still feel amazing in the fashion sense I’ve come into since graduating (:


  6. I go between having lots of body confidence and having none. Sometimes I am really feeling myself and think I look incredible and other times I think I look ugly and cannot understand how I could have ever gone out in public wearing those clothes! I think slowly adding new things to your wardrobe is a good way to build up your confidence, switching leggings for jeans for a day or wearing a top you haven’t worn in a while. xx

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