Mental Health Awareness Day…

Today is Mental Health Awareness Day. The funny thing is that when I was suffering form a Mental health illness I was not ‘aware’ I was suffering from a mental health illness (kind of ironic isn’t it). And although I am pretty alright now (I mean I do still have my moments don’t get me wrong) but I wouldn’t be the person I am today without experiencing that time in my life.

Days like today are there for us to not only think about our own struggles but to think about people around you. Not everyone realises how everyday these illnesses are! How they are so so common and how anyone can be a sufferer. As I’ve said multiple times on this blog… ‘Until I was a sufferer myself I did’t believe in mental health issues because I thought the people just needed to get a grip’. I was very wrong in thinking that.

Awareness days like today are there to make a point of how mental health should be normalized and how in this busy world of technology we can be there for each other. Yes not everyone’s journey is a rosie one and not everyone makes it through the other side but we can at least be there for each other. Even if it is offering someone a cup of tea or a shoulder to cry on. I think good mental health has a lot to do with good well being. The words well being are thrown around a lot, but I think it is a good thing to aim for. A happy body, a happy mind and a happy life balance. Below I will add in some things that I find useful when I am having a rough day:

  • Going for a walk
  • Fearne Cotton Books (Happy or Calm are great in making you stop and think about life)
  • Feel panicked? Just Breathe! (Sounds stupid but just stopping and taking deep breathes is a life saver! I have slowed many a panic attack by disappearing to the toilet for a few minutes while your companions are none the wiser).
  • Talk to a friend, even if you don’t talk about the exact issue that is getting you down, putting the world to rights with a friend can make you feel so much better.
  • Get up, put on clothes, do your hair and just do something!
  • Cuddle your pets! Because I always feel like animals know something you don’t and can often tell when you aren’t yourself.

So there you go my yearly Mental Health Awareness day preach. I will include the charity Mind’s link after this where you can find some info if you really are struggling. Minds website link here!

Thanks for taking a look! If you want to know more about my experience take a look in the Anxiety & Depression category that you can find at the top of the page.

Little Mayfly x

30 thoughts on “Mental Health Awareness Day…

  1. YES! Breathe!! I have often brought my youngest daughter to ground – including when we were both in different countries – by telling her to breathe. My only suggestion is to remove the word ‘just’. This after being told that ‘just’ sometimes trivializes the very real crisis even if that was not the intention.
    It is also how I overcome middle of the night wake up panic attacks. Took me decades.

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  2. Ah, sometimes stopping for a few deep breaths is all I need but, I always forget to slow down. I agree that animals may know something we don’t, too. They’re always there when we need cheering up the most. ♡

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  3. Unrelated, but I absolutely love your t-shirt in your header, where is it from?! I 100% relate to you about mental illness and truly understanding it. I suffer from anxiety and yet unless I have experienced that exact same anxiety at some point, I find it hard to understand how they are feeling. I think it is so important to keep an open mind and understand that every emotion and thought is valid, even if it is not one you would experience yourself. xx

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  4. Positive attitude is a big plus, not always easy to achieve see my blog for a book that I recommend to all that is inspirational and uplifting. Written by mental health sufferers and supports to raise awareness and at the same time raise funds for three mental health charities. Win win purchase. You will not be disappointed. X

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  5. You are absolutely right. We won’t be the same person if don’t go through something horrific like depression and anxiety. Everyone has been depressed or has anxious thoughts one way or another. They just don’t talk about it. So don’t think you are alone 🙂

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