Everywhere you turn everyone always talks about balance, especially when it comes to lifestyle. A balanced diet, a balanced work load, lots and lots of balancing! But there is a level of truth to it. If your overdoing one thing everything else will suffer, then comes the downwards spiral of all things un balanced.

I have always struggled to get this ideal of a good balanced work load. As I have mentioned a multitude of times on this blog before that I am very self critical. Because of this trait it is difficult to realise when you need to stop and just take a minute to chill. Especially in the last two months. A 9-5 job, teaching dance, creating my own dance classes and empire, organising and seeing a boyfriend, keeping in touch with friends and general life admin is a huge amount of stuff. I find myself having to really fight for a five minute sit down and chill in front of the tele, before I have to think about other things or be somewhere else. I mean I really like being busy and positive results are coming but even busy needs to be balanced.

I have been changing a few little things to try and regain a better working, life balance. Through a combination of trying not to be to hard on myself, taking a gentle step back from blogging and trying to take a moment to chill, I think I am nearly finding a good balance. I have also limiting my time on social media. This has also helped me sort out what is really useful in life. I have deleted the snap chat and WordPress app’s from my phone so I don’t obsess and feel like I have to check them every two minutes for stat updates on everyones lives. So I am hoping these little steps will also help me out in balancing my life.

So here’s to a more balanced way of thinking.


Little Mayfly x


13 thoughts on “Balance…

  1. Never have I read such true words. You’re reaching out to people in this post, in a way that’s different, yet perfect, I know so many people including myself, who’ll be able to relate to this 100% because it’s true. Thank you for writing this x

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  2. Okay sorry but I’m lol’ing at “organising and seeing a boyfriend” 😂 they are time-consuming, aren’t they? Glad to hear you’re starting to find a little balance, Chloe. You deserve a break! ♡

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  3. Good luck! I think stopping yourself from scrolling through social media every time you get a free moment is really good as otherwise time just whizzes past and before you know it, you have lost the day! xx

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