Get Some Fresh Air…

A cold chilly breeze and lungs full of clear air and all your problems seem a whole lot smaller. I keep trying to get out for some fresh air to try and keep my head clear. Life is crazy and just when it seems like you can take a moment to chill your pulled off your feet again. I’ve been feeling like this a lot recently!

Yesterday Jack took me along to one of the local shoots he goes to so I could see what it was all about. It was so nice to spend the day walking around open fields and meeting some very nice new people and meeting lots of doggos too. I spend most of my time at the moment either sat in an office or cooped up in a dance studio so it was lovely to spend pretty much a whole day outside for once. I was feeling crappy last week but getting out has kind of pushed the worries I had away. Or at least to the back of my mind for the moment. Regardless of being able to spend a whole day outside or not I have also been trying to take a walk on my lunch break. I find my head gets a little stuffy after sitting at my computer all day so a walk is quite refreshing and kind of resets me for the afternoon ahead. I guess that means there is no excuse for not getting out and at least getting a 5 minute breather.

After a rubbish week last week, getting a chance to be outside has at least put me back on my tracks. It’s helped a lot. If you take anything from this post just go and take a little walk it will help!!

Thanks for taking a look.

Little Mayfly x




12 thoughts on “Get Some Fresh Air…

  1. Whenever I leave the house, it’s usually to a store where I get super anxious because of the number of people and how rude some people are. It would be nice to get out and just walk on a nice day. The crisp air is truly invigorating.

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