Xmas Gifting…

I know it’s only November but gift planning needs to be done as soon! I know Christmas isn’t all about giving gifts to people but I love finding different gifts for people that I know they will love, without them thinking that they needed it (if that makes sense?). I like trying to think outside of the box and find something a little different. So here is a few gifting ideas…

A Blast From The Past: Last year one of my favorite gifts I gave was to my sister. I was walking around a local charity shop when the idea hit me and knew it would be the perfect gift. When we were little my sister loved these little encyclopedia books my Nan and Grandad had. They had one on Dogs, Horses and Eggs. As soon as I spotted the books in the charity shop I knew I had to get her some for her new house. I wrapped the little books in brown paper with the cutest little ribbon around it. I was so excited to give the gift to her and I think she was a bit touched to received them as they brought back lots of memories.

An Experience: Buying someone a day out or tickets to an event is always a good gift. I think in my family we have kind of done theater tickets to death by now but a trip to the theater is always a good one. In the past I have also gifted tours, spa days, concerts and days out. It’s also really fun if you get to go too!!

Be Sneaky: People talk! And people talk about what they like and dislike a lot! If your really sneaky you can probably pick up gift ideas from general conversation. For example ‘Ooo I would love some of those’, (2 weeks later) “Omg can’t belie you got me these’.

Voucher: And if you are really struggling to find a gift a voucher is always a good shout! Everywhere does vouchers now a days, my boyfriend even got a voucher for GoApe Adventure… which was so much fun and actually made us try something different. You can now also get a lot of vouchers that can be used in multiple places which is really handy if your not too sure what the person really likes.

So there you go a few different ideas about gifting at Christmas. Let me know if this was helpful 🙂

Thanks for taking a look!

Little Mayfly x

18 thoughts on “Xmas Gifting…

  1. I keep trying to avoid thinking about the ‘C’ word and gifting, but it’s creeping ever closer, nooooo! Some great tips – I try to do the ‘being sneaky’ thing for gift ideas all the time, listening to any hints of what someone likes, may want or need, something they randomly spot and comment on. xx

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  2. It was helpful Chloe. I don’t normally like sending money, but I have two grandchildren in Australia. Posting parcels over there was becoming more expensive than the cost of the presents, so now I buy the dollars from my English Post Office and send the cash 🙂

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