Christmas Market…

This weekend I visited the Gloucester Quays Victorian Christmas Market. I don’t think I have really been to a proper xmas market before. I’ve been to Winter Wonderland in London but that’s more about the big rides and wow factor rather than the individual local crafts, foods and stalls. After feeling rubbish thanks to my wisdom teeth I decided to dress up nice and make a proper day of it with Jack and his family.

I had such a lovely day walking around the little stores and shops. We tried multiple Gin’s (which were all very nice) and some cheese and cake too. There was also a big carousel and people dressed as if in the Victorian era. There costumes were really good! The Quays also has lots of shops inside so we walked around them too to take a look at all of the black Friday weekend deals. I did manage to pick up a few things for xmas too! I’m normally a big scrooge until the 23rd of December so I am trying to embrace the spirit a bit earlier this year!


And of course I took my camera along! It’s been collecting dust recently so I was nice to have the chance to stretch his lens again. I like the below photo the best of the dried fruit hangings (I’m not sure of the official name). They smelt so good and very Christmassy!

Outfit: Dungarees: New Look, Roll Neck Top: New Look Boots: TopShop Scarf: Accessorise (a few years ago) & Coat: New Look (a few years ago).

I had such a great day plus the xmas lights were on when we got back to Tewkesbury which makes the town look even cuter than normal. Lots of people say our lights are boring but they fit with the charm of the town! We then all went to an Italian and I ate a lot of yummy pasta!!

Thanks for taking a look as always…

Little MAyfly



24 thoughts on “Christmas Market…

  1. I love how you have gone from being a ‘Scrooge’ to going to a Christmas Market before December has even started!!! I believe that Christmas starts after Thanksgiving so I am currently excited to start listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies. xx

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  2. I love Christmas markets. I was able to go to Manchester’s Christmas market a few weeks ago and it was a lot of fun. I usually go for the food to be honest but this year, I went to try and cheer me up as I haven’t been feeling as Christmassy as usual. It definitely helped and it was the first time my best friend had been to one so it made it all the more memorable.
    I love your outfit by the way!

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