Tough 20’s…

So people always say your teenage year are really tough! Hormones, exams and school is stressful with a doubt. But looking back my teen years were a breeze but what they don’t tell you that your teen years is the pregame or prequel to your 20’s. Yes things happen in your teens but it’s never the end of the world, your story is just establishing it’s self, because life gets even more confusing after turning 20! And I was not prepared!

At school your life is planned out for you lessons exams, every thing. As an adult you are in control of all plans and organsing. Even getting your friend together for a meet up in the pub is a mission. Pre-booking weekends so you can all make it and then having to cancel and reorganise for another time again. Everyone is off living their best little lives so you end up just supporting them from a far via social media. That is ok up until a certain point but there is nothing like actually meeting up with an old friend.

There is just so much stuff that comes with being older! As a teen is is acceptable to hide under your duvet for a week and you roll out and nothing will have changed. Do that as an adult and you’ve lost your job, car, rent and I’m sure the endless list goes on. But if you loose your job your really stuck!! An ‘adult job’ is something you are also assumed to gain at some point during your early 20’s. An adult job is normally full time and very boring. I now have one of these jobs and yes the money is nice but I can’t see myself doing this forever. Yet me teaching dance inst classed as a job to a lot of people I know. They think its a hobby, or I do it for fun. I mean I didn’t go to university for 3 years to just sit in an office.

I mentioned this recently in a post but people are very judgmental! ‘When are you getting married’, ‘babies? You’ll be next!’ or ‘When are you moving out? Getting a house?’ Not anytime soon time soon! Just NO NO NO thanks! I’m just kind of happy to bobble along at the moment. I am nowhere near ready for anything like that regardless of half of the people I went to school with having their own little families (not that there is anything wrong with that). But I have the rest of my life to sort those things out yet people constantly remind you about these things.

So there we go that is my rant!! For now! Let me know if you have experienced similar in your 20’s.

Thanks for taking a look!

Little MAyfly

23 thoughts on “Tough 20’s…

  1. Well, things will work out, eventually. Look on the positive side: no need to ask permissions all the time to do what you want, you’ve already gathered some experience so you won’t be easily fooled, even if people rant that you should do this or that, at the end of the day it’s your decision.

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  2. You know hun, it follows you into the 30s too, all of what you are experiencing now. So hold on and drown out those voices as much you can. That and let your inner voice take you places? Also, ranting is the perfect outlet. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Have a wonderful weekend. xx

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  3. I am curious as to where questions about marriage, children, type of job you have – so basically YOUR future – are coming from. I have one daughter still in her 20s and the farthest thing from her mind is settling down! Not that I have ever told my daughters that they should. Considering my eldest will be 44 this month I feel I can honestly say take your time. And if dance is what you want to do and it supports you it is not a hobby!

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  4. I think some people forget when saying these things, making assumptions or asking questions that their words can hurt and people can be sensitive. Everyone is different and reaches stages at different times, recently there seems to be this urgency placed on everything and getting everything down now and growing up quicker and if you’re not doing it you’re missing out when in fact you’re not x

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  5. I am lucky in that I am still living in the University mind-set since I have only just graduated but I know come New Year’s, there will be lots of questions about jobs and finances and like no thank you. I would gladly stay in the student mindset forever. xx

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  6. I just want to get a house haha I feel like Iโ€™ve checked most โ€œadultโ€ things off my list so far (besides marriage and children- because I have an order I want to do things). Our apartment is just too small for our budding lives haha

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  7. So beautiful written ๐Ÿ’• I can definitely relate to it. While I struggle with anxiety and have difficulties in finding a job I really wish I would be back in school. Life was much easier there. I can’t plan well and make decisions so when the decisions are made it’s easier for me ๐Ÿ˜‚ I also don’t have my life together so yeah people always tend to judge other people. You are amazing and doing well ๐Ÿ’• I send you all my love.

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