Two Thousand & Nineteen…

2019.Two Thousand & Nineteen.

This time last year I didn’t expect to be where I am now, so I guess anything could happen in the 19th year of 2000. I have managed to secure myself a full-time job, continued to teach dance in multiple styles and I got back on stage on with a professional company after a failed audition that I thought knocked my confidence forever. Yes, most of that may have happened in the last 6 months of 2018, but I have definitely found myself again this year. I have returned to the Chloe that dances and sings around the house. I lost that for a while back there! I’m not saying it was all flowers and sunshine but on the whole a vast improvement on the past few years.


In terms of the upcoming year, I am holding no expectations. I mean that in the way of in past years I have tried to plan goals and aims. I only found that this clogged my mind with annoyance at myself because there was no way I was realistically going to be able to actually complete any of them. This may be because most of the goals and aims I stupidly set myself were made up one night whilst trying to put together a goals list blog post ‘because that’s what everyone posts’. Goals lists and the rubbish goals I wrote on them far behind me I am just trying to be more open minded. Yes, I want to travel more and go on cool adventures and buy a cool car this year because who doesn’t! I’m just not holding myself to doing certain things I feel I should complete just because everyone else is. Which is a step forward.


On the News channels, TV programmes and people in general always claim, ‘By 2020 this, that and those will be completed’, and if that is right a lot should be happening in 2019! If this theory is correct it should be a jam-packed year!

I’m looking forward to seeing what you bring 2019!


Chloe May x



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