A Creative Brain…

I can remember being at school and every now and again you would do a ‘What kind of learner am I’ test. You’d fill in tick boxes and by the end they would give you a breakdown of what you are. I can always remember hating them! They always seemed like a complete waste of time and that was because I never felt I really fitted in to an exact box. It is so interesting how people learn so differently, from photographic memories and people who can write notes on end. But for me I like to be organised with things and think logically but I know I am hands down a creative person. I doodle, I dance, I love colour, music and crafts. I am stimulated by creative things, images and sounds. Recently I realised that for me when life gets a bit stressed, I stop being creative. When this happens, I almost go into shut down mode. I take no time to be creative and all creative juice production lines comes to an abrupt halt.

I mean I have always thought of my brain like a biro squiggle. The squiggle gets bigger and blacker the more stressed I am. When I am happy, I think of my brain as a multitude of colours, paint splashes shapes. If that’s not creative I’m not sure what is. But with all of this creativeness I have found over the years people have constantly tried to stem it. ‘Chloe stop doodling in your books, this is an English lesson not Art.’, ‘Can you stop singing and dancing for five minutes’, and most recently at work, ‘You can tell its quiet today Chloe’s drawn a nice flower’. I know people probably don’t even think twice when making these comments. Before I went to university I used to sing and dance around the house, I stopped singing and dancing around the house whilst at uni. Yes, I was studying dance which you can argue is a creative outlet but I don’t think I really had the ability to express ‘me’ completely. Part of university for me was a negative experience, I stopped caring for myself and found myself doing the minimal to get by. Now I’m in a much happier place, everything is steady and I have multiple creative outlets. And now I sing and dance around the house again.

I think the point I am trying to make in this post is that I, and others like me strive off the more creative things in life. So maybe the next time you tell someone to stop doodling or give them a tick box learner quiz that maybe some of us have creative boxes?!

I would love to hear your comments on this topic,

Thanks for taking a look,

Chloe May x


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36 thoughts on “A Creative Brain…

  1. Totally relateable. I was told when I was young stop drawing there’s no future or money in comics. Study hard get a real job etc. I did just that and put my creative side on the shelf for a long time. Now older I’m back to creating and it just feels so right. Wish I never stopped. Moral of the story don’t let what others say get in the way of doing what you love. 🤗 Thanks for the read!

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  2. Wll Chloe May, I do not like little boxes. One of my poems is about this,
    simply titled ” The Box”. It is unavoidable at times for various bureaucratic forms .. but …

    Anyway, doodling. It can be very relaxing .


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  3. I love this post, I’d never really thought about it before but creative fields are always frowned upon. I study Drama and Film at university and I have had several people tell me I’m studying a pointless degree. So no one watches cinema or theatre? Do people know how many creative careers there are in film, tv and theatre? I don’t know why people are so snobby when it comes to creative fields

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  4. So true! One of my girlfriends loves art and wanted to study art in college but her parents wouldn’t allow it because there “was no sustainable future for an artist.” Now as a hobby she teaches art classes but wishes she never gave up on her dream to study and paint as a career!

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  5. When my youngest was in grade 3 she was told to stop doodling in the margins of her work. Her teacher, an art major/teacher was so irritated by that she spoke to me. I felt it unfair if my D had finished her work. Another teacher told my D to stop using the umlaut in her name – despite it being a three letter name!

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  6. Excellent post! My dad actually sent me a text this morning about how he found a creative project of mine from YEARS ago and that it made him smile (: it was very sweet and a lovely reminder that our inner child can stay with us forever. Embrace the creativity!

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  7. I can totally relate to this! At school my reports always said that I was a daydreamer, couldn’t concentrate blah blah blah. The truth is that if I’m not 100% engaged, my mind wanders off to find something more creative to focus on. It’s only very recently I’ve found a job that allows me to be creative and all of a sudden, oh look, I can concentrate after all! The trick is to embrace it. Dancing helps too 💃 thanks for sharing your thoughts and making me feel more normal! X

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      1. Can u plz look at my website and give me feedbacks on my first post. I’m kind of is new to this. And you sound like an amazing blog-write. I would really appreciate it if you could just take a look at it.


  8. Love this post – it’s so relatable. And it’s so interesting you see you brain as a biro scribble because that is EXACTLY how I see mine! And the thing about it getting bigger and darker and more scribbly when your stressed is spot on. I find it super important to keep creative endeavours going even around every day pressures. I write, journal and dance to keep those creative juices flowing.✨

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  9. I completely agree. It is so hard to put people into boxes as we are all so different and all have such different qualities. I consider myself to be both an introvert and extrovert because I enjoy hanging out with others but I also like my alone time and I need a balance of both in order to remain sane. We should all have our own boxes rather than trying to fit into each other’s! xx

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  10. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought
    this post was great. I do not know who you are but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger if you
    aren’t already 😉 Cheers!


  11. That’s good that you can sing and dance again.
    I feel the same when I’m stressed, I stop being creative and feel the need to be extra organized to get anything done. But when I’m not stressed, it’s like the world is singing, the birds are chirping haha It’s like Cinderella on a good day.

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