Liz Earle Product Review…

I’ve been using Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish for over a year now and just love it! I have a normalish skin type that can get a little sensitive and dry at times so this product is really gentle and not too harsh on my skin. I don’t like to use face products too much as I weirdly in the past I have found that my skin just gets worse the more I mess with it but I have found that Cleanse & Polish just gives my face a nice refresh. I did write a review on it not long after I first tried it, which you can find HERE.

Cleanse & Polish Body & Skin Repair Moisturiser

A year has gone by since that post and I though it was time to try some different Liz Earle products. For Christmas I was gifted the Cleanse & Polish Body. This product is a mix between what I would call an exfoliator and a creamy body wash. You are supposed to apply this product to dry skin and massage onto your body using the shower mitt. I do find it a little odd to apply this to my body dry as it which You are supplied with a mitt to help exfoliate which is a decent hand size and not too big. I again really like the natural smell to the product but I don’t know if this is an everyday product. More of a every now and again product as I guess there is only so much exfoliating you can do. I do like this product but I don’t currently think it’s a burning thing to repurchase. Maybe I will think differently in a month or so after I have used it a little bit more?

Liz Earle Body & Skin Repair Moisturiser.

Up next is the Skin Repair Moisturiser, costing £21 a pot this is a splurge but I think it is one of the best Liz Earle products I have tried. I find some moisturisers don’t really sink into your skin and just kind of sit on the top and don’t soak in. There are multiple versions depending on skin type which is nice to have the option, I went for the Dry/Sensitive version. I will admit I always forget to use products like this and have wanted to try this one ever since I first got the cleanse and polish. It’s just a nice product to use.  On Sunday I was having a no makeup day so popped a little bit on my face for a refresh. It didn’t make my skin not too shiny or sticky so was to wear out.

So there you go those are my opinions on some more Liz Earle products.


Chloe May x

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