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For Christmas I got a Emerald Green Crosley X Suitcase record player and loved it and planned to match my new bedroom with it’s colour scheme. Sadly, it died after like an hour, so I had to send it back. But because of this I have replaced it with a different better-quality brand for a first-time record player user. I did a lot more research and I now have the Lenco LS 50-WD which came out at around the same price. I think I also think this one suits my room better too as the wood matches my chest of draws. The volume and internal speakers are really good and so far, it’s still working so happy Chloe (fingers crossed).

I only have a few records in my collection so far, but I love it! I have always loved older music and I have found that coming home and sticking on a record to be very relaxing. while I just potter about. But if old music is not your thing lots of modern artist are also putting their albums on Vinyl which is also cool. My most modern album is Artic Monkeys AM.

I have picked up record from all sorts of places. Charity shops are great as they end up with really odd selections and are normally very cheap. I picked up one for £1 the other day whilst on my lunch break. Ebay is also a great place if you are looking for specific Lps/ albums. Or you can just check out the ones that are ending soon to almost guarantee you getting the item. Ebay ones are a little more expensive as you have to pay for postage but it’s still a lot cheaper than new ones. You can also purchase the more modern ones from Urban Outfitter and HMV and other music shops for around just under £30, which personally I think is a little too much.

Do you have a record player or listen to vinyl music?

Thanks for taking a look!

Chloe May x

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37 thoughts on “Record Player…

  1. Oh wow, that’s awesome! I wish we’d kept ours because my folks used to have a record player & I’d listen to stuff on vinyl when I was little. And now it’s ‘retro’ and cool (and expensive) Enjoy hunting for some more records to add to your collection! xx

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  2. One of my favorite things to do when I’m traveling is checking out record store and picking up one record I want and one I’ve never heard of before. The crosely record player is so awesome. Ive had mine for 10
    years from urban outfitters and it works amazing still.

    Amanda – Activated Living

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  3. I love records/vinyls too and you are right about the sound. What speakers do you use?
    It does amuse me how big and at time revered new, modern music on a vinyl is.
    Like you, I do have a lot of c.ds too.
    Glad you find so many interesting ways to find your records.


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  4. I love Vinyl, I have quite a few now, I would say eBay, charity shops Amazon, Banquet & rough trade are awesome places to get records. I love looking around to see what’s about! I’ve got to the point where I’ve started making a huge list of albums I would love to have on vinyl and slowly getting copies! 🙂

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