Animals Know Things…

This is a random post but I think it will be relatable to a lot of people who are animal lovers. Animals know things! By this I mean that they know how you are feeling before you do or before you realise. They may look at you with the clueless head tilt when you tell them to sit or stay but they know when you need that extra bit of comfort or they know when something isn’t right.

This Ruby my family’s 13 year old Jack Russel cross Yorkie, I think she plays the role of counsellor/therapy dog in our house. If you ask any member of my family if they have ever been nervous or worried about something, they will tell you that Ruby has paid them a visit for that extra cuddle or bit of affection. There is just something that tells her your not feeling 100%, and there she is grumbling or stamping her foot at you for some attention. For me I know that that little bit of fuss chills me out a lot. For a short time, your not looking at social media or the time or thinking about what’s to come. Just you and your fluffy friend having a snuggle. I took the photos that inspired this blog post this week end when I was chilling with Ruby and we then did a spontaneous photo shoot that she loved.

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

I also think it is amazing how animals can tell things about you without you yourself knowing. Dogs or can be taught to warn their owners of oncoming fits, sniff our drugs and people and much more which is pretty amazing. But it’s not just dogs. The cat lovers of you out there will tell you cats can be the same. They know when things aren’t quite right. I can remember reading an article a while back about a cat that lived in an old people’s home. The cat would go and sit with the next person who was going to pass away. The residents began to see this as a sign of comfort to be visited by the cat before they passed. They could come to terms with what was going to happen, and the cat made it ok. Now that is odd right!

I’m sure there is probably more science to this then I am knowledgeable of but I think it is pretty cool how our furry friends can tell when something is up.

I would love to hear your experiences with this, please let me know in the comments because I would love to hear them.

Thanks for taking a look.

Chloe May x



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55 thoughts on “Animals Know Things…

  1. I absolutely agree ❣️ we had a pup, without any training, that we realized would alert when an elderly person was going to have a siezure. Once we realized what was going on, they were able to give him meds to lessen the duration and severity. And Lord forgive you if he didn’t like someone, not in an aggressive way but we just didn’t want to be around that person.

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  2. You’re right, our furbabies can be pretty damn amazing. I often read stories in the news about how a dog (usually, don’t hear as much about cats) saved someone’s life by getting help when they fell to the floor, how they help them get through seizures or ‘sniff out’ illness and cancer. Incredible. And of course the ability to calm and simply be a support, that’s what my dog used to do for me, and I still miss him. Your Ruby is gorgeous, what a sweetie! 🙂
    Caz xx

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  3. Your dog is absolutely adorable – can I borrow her?! I find the same thing with my family’s dog where he always seems to know when you need more cuddles than usual, although he is not normally a very cuddly dog.
    Loved this post, mostly for the dog photos, thank you for sharing. xx

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  4. Really nice Post, Chloe! Say hello to Ruby 🙂

    I completely agree that animals somehow connect in a different way and they “really know things”. I had many such experiences. Animals know who will like them and they behave friendly. In case they the feel the person is not an animal lover they start their own way of teasing them, be it a little run after them or staring directly to their eyes, without harming them. May it is their way of telling we are not your enemy! At one point in time, I had 3 generations of a cat in my place, such a pleasing experience.

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  5. I agree, even my birds know when something is wrong they come up to the cage door and stare until I come see them.

    Every dog I’ve had has known I was sad before even I knew, my fathers dog saved his life by laying on his chest prior to his cardiac arrest and barking uncontrollably to get the attention of my brother (who performed cpr in the middle of the night )

    Animals are my favorite kind of superhero

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  6. Wow, Ruby is beautiful and as for myself, I’m a huge dog lover as well. Once upon time I also had a beautiful German Shepherd whom I considered my son. He would know if I was having a good day or a bad day, unfortunately, he was hit by a drunk driver. He passed in 2016 and left me heart broken and I never adopted another dog. Till this day I carry his pics and memories everywhere I go!

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