At the moment I am very indecisive. I struggle to decide on anything. How to get my hair done, what holiday to go on, what car to get, job future choices, what to actually do with my life, all of it! I just can’t seem to make a clear decision. There are lots of things I could do, I’m not stupid and can turn my hand to a lot of things, but I’m not sure what to do.  There are a lot of valid options that I could pick from, but I have no idea which is the right one. Even what to have for lunch is sometimes proving to be a challenging choice.

It’s that mix between, is this the time to make something happen or do I just hold back and wait for something to happen? Either way I’m not sure what to do in a lot of areas of my life. I’m not sure where this indecisiveness has come from to be honest, I always thought I was quite a strong minded person who could make up her mind easily. But Chloe at the moment has no idea what to choose. The only thing I can maybe put this down to is the fact that I have never been an ‘I want’ kind of person. So maybe that is where I am going wrong? By this I mean someone who has a list of things they desperately need in their life, I have always just got by fine and picked things up as I’ve needed them. If there was something I wanted I would just save up for it, or make it happen at some point in the future. I now have the money I didn’t have whilst at High School and University, never before have I had the freedom to go on a nice holiday like I could now or pay for lots of things. So maybe for once I should be the ‘I want’ person.


I did the millennial thing of googling indecisiveness and these are some of the things it came up with…

  1. Try not to overthink situations (if you follow me, you’ll know I’m an over thinker).
  2. Do what scares you (I’m a stickler for doing things I feel safe doing).
  3. Limit the decision you make (yeah, ok but I’m not sure this is going to help in the long run)
  4. Practice on small things (I guess this is an ok one)

I’m not sure these are the best options to follow but I thought it was interesting to see what Google came up with. But it also makes sense to why I am indecisive. My little google search also showed that indecisiveness can be a side effect of anxiety. If you are suffering from a heightened anxiety you are more likely to suffer from indecisiveness which is also interesting.

So there you go. A little post on decisions!

If you have any tips on how to make up your mind, please help a girl out and write them in the comments!! 

Thanks for taking a look!

Chloe May x


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30 thoughts on “Indecisiveness…

  1. I doubt the indecisiveness ever completely leaves. However, it does become easier to handle. If you are finding difficult with ‘I want’ perhaps turn it around to ‘I give’ (Not ‘I gave’ although that is what it will be). You already seem to do a lot but choosing a specific charity, group, solo practice (as simple as buying a coffee for someone behind you) might help jig your perspective of being indecisive to unexpected achievement.

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  2. For me I don’t think it’s so much making the decisions but rather worrying about whether or not I’ve made the right one after. I suffer with anxiety so it’s definitely a side effect of that, I wonder what it’s like to not constantly doubt yourself! Haha. I love your tips though and I definitely need to learn not to overthink things quite so much x

    Alice //

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  3. Oh wow Chloe, first world problems 🙂 So many people don’t have choices, or else the choices they have are between the Devil and the deep blue sea.

    From that list I think #1 works. Just make a decision, for better or worse. It may turn out to be a bad decision but that’s life. I think you’ll find you won’t regret a bad decision, honestly made.

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  4. I always try to delegate tasks to other people – a coin, my boyfriend, my parents. Anything to avoid making a decision myself! I think my best advice is to get as many opinions as possible and talk to as many people as possible so you get a well-rounded opinion (hopefully). Obviously this depends on the decision you are making. xx

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  5. I feel you with this situation! I’m so indecisive atm and don’t know what I’m doing in my life. I’ve found it helpful to know that other people are in the same boat, and one thing I’d recommend is to write out a list of all the things you’re confused/indecisive about and go through them thinking what you can do to change them – but hey, don’t listen to me I’m literally the worst person for making decisions!
    J x

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