Twenty One Pilots Concert…

Last night I went to see 21 Pilots at the Genting Arena in Birmingham. The last time I saw these guys was back in 2016 at Reading Festival. That for me was a big turning point in my mental health struggles. It was a moment that I realised I could do it, I was stood in the middle of a massive crowd hanging onto the barrier, with a group of supportive people around me and I felt purely happy for the first time in a very long time. So, of course I jumped at the chance to see them again. Me and SophieMags Blog got tickets for our friends’ birthday so we were all super buzzing.

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I’m a bad fan who hasn’t really listened to their new album very much because life has just got in the way. But it was such a good concert! Balaclavas, a car on fire and a Tyler popping up all over the arena. It was such a high energy concert, so it was super fun to see. I always like seeing a band wanting to get involved with the crowd. Between them they pretty much covered the whole arena you didn’t know where they were going to pop up next. I always like looking at all of the sets and lighting rigs and so I loved the bridge that lowered and connected the two stages together. I also never realised how much of a good singer Tyler is. You kind of get distracted by the rapping sections and screams that are in their music, but wow that boy can sing. His brother is also a sick drummer and he’s pretty fit too!!


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I always forget how much I love live music. I don’t go to things often enough, the last thing I saw was Imagine Dragons just over a year ago. There is nothing like being in a crowd being washed over by a heavy base, having a boogie with your friends. It just makes me so happy. Make sure you check out SophieMags Blog too! She is the queen of concerts and posts a great series about all of the millions of concerts she goes to.

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Chloe May x

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35 thoughts on “Twenty One Pilots Concert…

  1. This is a really nice, positive post! I’ve actually never been to a concert but I have one coming up soon that I’m kinda nervous for but also quite excited? I think it will be a good night! The atmosphere always seems to be incredible.

    Coralle x

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  2. I use to always go to concerts when I was younger but I have kind of neglected going! I definitely want to book a few concerts or even a festival just because I miss it! Great post 😊 xx

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  3. Oh I love 21 Pilots and didn’t even know they were playing in my home town too! I haven’t been to a gig in agesss but used to love them back when I was young(er) – I feel old now!
    I’m so glad you had a good time and yes live music was the one thing that I felt I could just let go of my thoughts with too and just enjoy it – its a good release 🙂 Take care xx

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  4. Oh you are lucky! I keep missing them when they come to Chicago. Concerts and me go back 35 years and 21 Pilots are on that bucket list! Concerts are magic. Creating music and sound is magic. It’s so great to be around people who all appreciate that same vibe. I always think “oooh I am breathing the same air as …so and so….” and it makes me giddy. Thanks for posting this!

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  5. I love going to concerts – it is one of the only times I can properly lose myself in the music for a few hours. I think one of the best concerts I have ever been to was Taylor Swift Red where I honestly forget about all my struggles and exams and just lost myself in the music. I try to go once a month if I can and someone I like is playing. xx

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