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You work Monday to Friday 9-5, your weekend is full booked and you’ve got a ladder in your tights. Supermarket tights are just no longer cutting it and your draws are full of pairs that are not comfy or not the right thickness. No need to worry The Legwear Co. have got your back. They have just released there own subscription box that sends you tights so you don’t have to worry. I was very luckily gifted this box to test out, so thank you so much to the Legwear Co.

The company are really hot on their recycling and being eco friendly which I love, all of the packaging is recyclable and some of the actual tights themselves are made from recycled materials.  The company states on their website that that ‘The textile industry is the third biggest polluter of the planet, and hosiery often goes under the radar as a ‘throwaway’ ‘single use plastic’ item.’ Which until I actually thought about it did I realise ‘wow’ I have probably thrown away close to 100 pairs of tights in my life so far! Because of the the companies mission was to create the best quality tights possible. They offer a 90 day guarantee with the tights and are happy to exchange them if they rip or ladder. (which is amazing).

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The Subscription box:

The box comes with 3 different pairs of tights because of course you need a variety as some outfits call for a thick pair and other times you need a thin pair just to whip on. The first pair are a 50 denier pair that are made from recycled materials. These would probably be the pair that I would wear the most. They were comfy and a nice thickness.

Next the 60 denier support pair. These contain micro capsules filled with Aloe vera & vitamin E for silky smooth skin. I will say I have no idea how they get those things into the tights but that is super cool. It is now march and for the last 6 months my pale vampire legs have not seen the light or had any huge TLC so the fact they look after your skin is probably something my legs will b very happy about. This pair are also support wear and give you that sucked in feeling. This isn’t something I like all of the time so I’m not sure I would want a support pair on all week at work.

And finally the third and final pair the 120 Denier Support. No I am a thick tight lover. I am not a huge fan of thin tights due to the fact I’m no a huge fan of seeing your legs through and they normally ladder like crazy. Again these were a support pair but I did enjoy how winter warm this pair are.

Overall I think this box is a super good idea. I also like the eco friendly concerns and vibes of this company. This box retails for £34.99 and I will leave the link and their social media below for you to check out.

Thanks for reading,

Chloe May x

*This was a gifted collaboration with The Legwear Co.


29 thoughts on “The Legwear Co…*

  1. The 60 denier support pair sound so good! I had no idea there was such thing as putting Aloe Vera and vitamin E in tights, that must be a massive unique selling point for the business. Great post lovely 😄❤️

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  2. I love this post, I have actually just received these tights and can also vouch for them. I’m not a tights person but now and then I love to wear them with an oversized jumper. They are super soft and comfortable, defo the best tights I’ve ever had xxx

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  3. Tights with aloe vera & vitamin E, that’s such a novel idea! Not sure I’d want support tights either though, I prefer comfort over being sucked in and vacuum sealed! Not a subscription box I’d come across before so thanks for sharing, what a cool idea! x

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