Taking Your Own Advice…

Now I think I am pretty good at giving out advice. To a friend who’s stuck, or advice on how to solve a problem in a work place, or to give a bit of courage to the kids I teach. I can dish it out and can normally give you a good answer. That answer may either hopefully shed some light on the situation or help in some small way. But… and that is a BIG BUT! I can never seem so accept advice or comments when directed at me or even listen to my own advice that I willingly give out.

I know if I am dealing with something, I like to do it by myself. I don’t really like to talk out about it and assume I can deal with it all myself. When in reality I can’t. Up go the walls and 6 different voices in my head have spoken and made the decision between them. Normally it’s the choice with the least collateral that gets me from A to B without any hassle, regardless if that is the best thing for me to do or not.

In the moment when someone is giving me advice, I just can’t seem to accept what they are saying. I feel like the friendly words of advice and help are almost like an attack on my situation and thoughts. I have probably considered the options before but rehearing them from someone else is something I find difficult to take in or comprehend. I feel like I have to do it all myself, the world is against me and I am all alone in my situation. Of course, at the end of the day, in life you have to make the final decision but it’s really difficult when people are trying to shed you some light. Even if it was the other way around and a friend was in whatever situation I am in, I would probably give them the same advice they are giving me, yet I can’t comprehend the advice that is being given to me at all. It’s just another thing to consider and mull over for hours on end (I really hope this all makes sense! I am babbling a lot, I’m hoping this is relatable).

To go along with this, I know I am also awful at taking a compliment. ‘You look really nice today’, ‘Oh wait me! Uhh uhh thanks uhh uhh (finds something negative to say back eg…) Oh yeah I spilled tooth paste here a little though look.’ Few the negative avoided the nice compliment that can’t possibly be about me really, they are just being nice. I just don’t understand why my brain does that. For F*$k sake Chloe take the bloody compliment and move on!! Take the advice and mull it over

This was probably a blog post dragging myself but I am just really rubbish at taking advice. Maybe someone can relate to this? Or give me advice! I’m not sure. Haha oh dear!

Thanks Chloe May x



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36 thoughts on “Taking Your Own Advice…

  1. I completely understand what you mean! I like to take on things myself too and I’m also indecisive so people giving me advice gives me too much to consider. Like it’s hard enough on my own let alone having people tell me even more though I know they’re trying to help!

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  2. I’m exactly the same! I can’t take a compliment and I never take my own advice but I’ve been told I’m really good at giving advice (and I kinda know I am) but when it comes to helping myself… Goodness me, it’s awful! ❤

    Jenny in Neverland

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  3. This is so relatable! I do all of these things all the time. I think I offer fairly good advice too but I can never seem to take it. I’m awful at accepting compliments too! I don’t know why we do it to ourselves x


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  4. I’m totally the same, I will happily give anybody advice who asks for it, but I am rubbish at taking my own advice! I’m not so bad at taking advice from other people, though, but I’m still a bit crap sometimes. I really need to get better at it 😂

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  5. 100% – it is so easy to give others advice, but when it comes to ourselves – we are our own worst enemies! I’m also full of love for everyone else but the second someone hypes up my work I find it so hard to take! x

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  6. I won’t give you advise (as you won’t take it) so I’ll just say that yep, I can relate, especially with not being able to take my own advice and I struggle with compliments, but I’m making a concerted effort to say ‘thank you’ rather than challenge it. With not taking our own advice, we can be our own worst enemies sometimes. My mother has been saying ‘Doctor heal thyself’ to me for years, underlining how impossible I seem to find it to take advice or help myself sometimes. xx

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  7. The timing of me reading this today is uncanny. I got into a little disagreement with a friend today for this exact reason – I can dish advice out out but I suck at taking it in! It might be a sign (some would say ahah) that I might need to start listening soon ! lovely read great to find someone to relate to on this after the little disagreement especially! x

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  8. I am really bad at taking advice too. I like to think I know best when often others have more experience than myself. I think I am a very proud person and like to come to decisions by myself. I need someone to help me come to the right solution not tell me! xx

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  9. I relate so hard to this!
    Sometimes I feel like if I just listened to my own advice, I’d be going places but I often don’t do that either D:
    I wrote a post as a reminder to myself that you might find useful!

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