Macro Photography…

I love taking close up and detailed pictures. Those pictures where every tiny little detail you can see with your eyes is captured by the lens. Now my close-up photography is mainly pictures of flowers, if you follow me here or on my Instagram you will probably know that. I thought I would share with you today how I take these kinds of photos.

Most digital cameras now come with a range of different settings, so it is super easy to click through and find on that is suitable for the photos you are taking. If you are more into your photography you may know how to change all of the features to get these images yourself, but for quick out and about photography quick fix the main settings are probably your best bet. For close up detailed photos you will want to switch to Macro or Super Macro depending on your camera. The digital camera I use is a Sony A5000. Now when using macro, it does take a little while to get the focal point right and sometimes it is a struggle to get it to focus on your subject. I was trying to take a photo of a ladybird the other day and it just would not focus. Maybe because he was to tiny or it was the poor lighting at the time. It can be a little trial and error at times but keep persevering. Below are some of the photos that I have taken on my A5000’s Macro mode.


Not got a fancy camera?  IPhone camera can take some pretty clear close up shots! You can even buy macro lenses to clip over your phone camera to enhance the macroness. Below are a few examples where I have just used my iPhone. I find brighter lighting and tapping the screen and let it focus provides the best results.


I use Macro settings all of the time and find using the Macro setting I get some of my best results. Pictures using Macro I find are also really good for blog headings and Good quality photos that look amazing! It’s quite exciting when you come across a picture where it’s focused beautifully, and it has captured what you wanted. But I don’t just use Macro just for flowers here are a few other subjects…

Eley Cartridges
Sloe Gin

I love the detail in the last two! Especially the little bubbles in the last one.

Thanks for taking a look! Got any close up picture tips yourself? Let me know in the comments!

Chloe May x


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50 thoughts on “Macro Photography…

  1. Wow, super clear & detailed. The rose looks beautiful, so rich, you can almost feel the soft texture of the petals. I don’t own a fancy camera (boooo) but I’m quite curious how much a lens would be for my iPhone now to “enhance the macroness”.

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  2. You’ve inspired me to once again want a camera. I used to really enjoy taking macro shots and bringing the details out is a whole beauty and skill of its own. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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