New Bedroom Decor…

I’ve shared a bedroom with my sister since I was around 5. In mid-January she moved out with her boyfriend and at the age of 22 I finally have my own room at home. I can put things wherever I like, I can be noisy, I can play music and I am so excited about it!

For months now I have been pinning on Pinterest like a mad women to get ideas about how I can decorate my new room. I know Pinterest can be a little extreme and designers have probably spent hours folding blankets so they lay perfectly on the beds, but it has really helped with decor ideas. You can check out my Pinterest HERE. Below is a few examples of some of the rooms I really liked the look of…

Light, bright and cosy. Those are the word I was trying to aim for in this room. I opted for white walls, so I am able to go all out accessories. I’m going for a Yellow/Mustard and green/ teal blue colour scheme to keep the nice bright vibe going. These two pillows below were both £5 from Primark and I picked up the bedding for £20 in the Urban Outfitters sale, so I am not sure if it is still available.

Lights: I think the first thing I did was cover my room in lights & fairy lights. I find that the glow they give off just gives off such a chilled-out vibe. Which I am very there for right now. I brought three sets of rose gold battery powered fairy lights from Pound Land which are the cutest and match my main lamp shade from The Range that match the Cooper/rose gold feel I have going on. I think this was priced at around £10.

img_1667.jpgMirrors: Thanks to Pinterest I have been loving mirror covered walls so thought I would create my own version of that as you can see below. It just adds another cool element to the room, but I am praying there is no earthquake or I will get a lot of bad luck if they fall. I picked up three of these mirrors from Next and one from the New Look Home section. I hopefully want to find some hand mirrors that I can add to this collection eventually.

Shelves: I now have lots of wall space so have added some shelves to my one wall. The circle notice board was a gift for Christmas and was from I think Urban Outfitters. The Hexagon shelf was from Next and you can find that Here!!. I love the uneven hanging of these two and it is a nice feature to have up on my wall.


Plants: So in my old room I only had room for my OG house plant Pete the Leopard Lily. But I have now extended my plant family with Florence the floating Fern she looks a little rough in this picture as I took it early in the morning but as the day goes on, she brightens up and uncurls herself. I have also reclaimed my little Cactus Clive that was living in the Kitchen. You can see him on the wire shelving.

It’s so nice to have my own space! All mine. I’ve spent a while decorating and choosing things, so it is just right. My own little cosy den to chill out in. I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now and it is so chilled out. I’ve been sticking a record on and just allowing myself to chill, which Is something I forget to do a lot of the time!

Thanks for taking a look!

Chloe May x


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49 thoughts on “New Bedroom Decor…

  1. Hi Chloe, I really enjoyed this post, the mirror wall is stunning! I love all the little details as well like the fairy lights around the shelves. Florence the fern is super cute (glad I’m not the only person who doesn’t think it’s strange to name plants).

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  2. Pinterest is always my go-to for design inspo! I love all the little details you’ve gone with here – I especially love the green and yellow cushions. So cute! x
    El |

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  3. You really are making a beautiful haven for yourself. I love it, light and airy and full of delicate decor. The plants make a lot t and f difference
    I enjoy what you say about folding blankets. Yep, believe there was time spent on this. So fold it or through it your way.

    I love mirrors too, mirrors with a difference.


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  4. I love your colour theme! I opted for pastel pink and blue and beige in my new flat and I am loving it. Unfortunately we cannot paint or mark the walls but we are decorating the best we can with fairy lights and throw pillows and stick on wall hangers. What is your favourite aspect of your new room? xx

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