A Sort of Life Update…

Since I started writing this blog not only has it grown like crazy, but I have changed a lot too. If your new you might not know this is where my blog started with this kind of honest wordy post and I thought it would be good to reintroduce myself. Because of this I thought I would write a post about me and where I am at the moment. I used to write a lot about my thoughts and feelings and found it helped organise myself just to get it out there instead of it bumping around my head. So, grab a cuppa this may take a few…

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Life: Hi, I’m Chloe I am 22 years old and have been blogging for around 2.5 years. I am from a small rural town in Gloucestershire. Most people hate small town rural living but after spending 3 years in London being around green grass and open spaces is the place for me. I love being outside and doing anything creative or just give me a dog or a camera and I will be happy. I don’t really have a favourite colour but I am currently loving Ochre and have quite the collection of ochre jumpers happening at the moment.


Work, work, work: I just have no idea where to go with my work life at the moment because this is the thing I am struggling with the most. I mean on the whole it is great, and all seems all ok, but I can’t help but get in my head about it. I know at the moment I get caught up in work. I work 9-5, Monday to Friday doing admin, plus I teach dance to kids on Wednesdays and Fridays evenings plus Saturday day times. I really don’t really enjoy my day job so much. Yes, it is money but I’ve almost been there almost a year and it’s not really my thing. But I have no idea what to do instead, people like to suggest work ideas to me, but I can’t decide on anything. I work a lot at the moment, and it has taken me a long time to realise that! I’m not super woman no matter how much I like to think I am. I just am not sure where to go with it? I always look at jobs advertised online but haven’t applied for one in months because I have no idea what I want to do. I mean I guess blogging is a job to a certain extent, but it takes a long time to build it into a proper decently paying job which I would like to do, I just don’t think I could really make it into anything that great.


Dance: In the past two years since graduating with my Dance Performance Degree I have had a very up and down relationship with dance. One minute I love it and feel so inspired to create movement and the next I feel so down and uninspired. I attempted to set up my own classes and it didn’t really work because of people not committing. So that has set me back and has admittedly really knocked my confidence. I could try again or try different classes but I’m not a fitness person so even learning to teach fitness really isn’t me. I teach dance as I mentioned earlier, and I really love that. Going to class each week really gives me something to work towards. I always feel more positive about life when I have finished a class, even if it was a rubbish class and nobody listened. I can chuck sequences at them and they even push me and my ideas, which I love.


Aims & Goals: Now my aims and goals at the moment are very minimal. I would like to go on holiday and buy a new car soon but any further than that and I have no idea. Things I would like to achieve? Things I would like to do? Nothing I literally have no thoughts on what I could actually do. I keep giving myself little sewing projects to do and I enjoy doing that. But I am just kind of going from one day to the next and not really achieving anything, but I don’t know how to go about things at the moment.

Reading back through that it was all very negative! I am ok honest just have a lot of thoughts flying around at the moment. I am very sorry you stayed and read it all. I mean I am trying to be positive, but I also let everything get on top of myself which isn’t helpful. I added these very moody pictures to this post as I took them the other week strangely liked them so needed to use them. Onward and upwards right?

Thanks for taking a look at a huge brain fart post!

Chloe May x


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13 thoughts on “A Sort of Life Update…

  1. I liked your brain fart post! You’ll figure it out. I am refiguring things out. Now that my family is getting older, I am trying to refigure out my hobbies because I am now getting back a little spare time. Great pictures too!

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  2. Don’t stress it Chloe, everything will become clear in its own good time. Country living (like island living) is great and you have time for reflection. Try a bit of running – it’s great for clearing the head and sorting out the things that matter from the many things that don’t.

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  3. Nice to meet you Chloe!! Don’t worry about the negativity, I actually know how you feel and have been having similar thoughts recently! I hope things start to sort out a bit more for you and I totally agree with the green and open spaces!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love these photos, Chloe! Especially the one with the two different mirrors. I feel you on the job thing. I love my job but I know I should move on eventually but I’m not progressing towards that at all.

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