Lambs of 2019…

Would Spring even be spring without flowers, blossom covered trees and fields full of lambs? Well for me it wouldn’t be anyway! Last year I posted Lambing  where I went into a little more detail about it all so take a look at that if your wondering what I am on about. But this year I thought I would share more pictures with you. I post a lot of flower pictures on this blog so it is time to mix it up a little and who doesn’t like pictures of lambs!


If you don’t follow me you won’t know that my boyfriend has his own flock of sheep. This time of the year is so super exciting but it does come with its ups and downs as life does. Every time Jack has messaged me in the last few weeks I am quick send a ‘any more babies’ message. It’s also fun to play the who is next/how many will they have game. I haven’t got many right this year but Jack knows his flock inside out so I am at a slight disadvantage. The majority have now had their lambs but he is still waiting on a few more in the next few weeks the count is 14 so far. 



As my camera is normally in my backpack and the sheep are normally in the field right next to Jacks house they have strangely become one of my muses. I have so many sheep photos it’s a little crazy sheep lady like! But who can resist a photo like the one above right? So cute and so wrinkled! They are so funny to watch when they are this young as everything is so new and exciting. Unfortunately they don’t stay this small for very long. Photographing animals is tricky, sheep are a very flighty animal so it is difficult to get close without them running off. Luckily Jacks flock are pretty used to people. If you are going out to take photos of lambs do check first before walking across fields and non-footpath areas.


So, there you go a few lamb pictures to brighten up your day! I will probably do a lamb update in a few months as I will probably have more photos to share then.

Any questions? leave them in the comments…

Chloe May x

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39 thoughts on “Lambs of 2019…

  1. They’re so adorable! 😍 I love it when they’re all wrinkly. I went to a lambing event at the weekend and was lucky enough to see a lamb take its first steps – such a precious moment ❤️

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  2. Awhhh so precious !! They look so sweet & SOFT !! ❤️ Would you believe me if I told you that my four year old and I had a conversation about sheep earlier ? Your post just made me think about it. He said he wanted one for a pet …. yet he is bat shit scared to death of flies, cats, dogs & bees & gnats !!! 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️ Great post darling !! I hope you’re having a great day!

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