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I take a lot of photos. Yes, I have a decent actual camera that I could rave about for ages but it is not always practical to get out and use. It’s now 2019 and the camera on your trusty mobile devices are no longer pixelated and can capture some quality photos. My camera role on my iPhone is bursting with thousands of pictures that are arguably better than my camera photos. So, I thought I would share some as I have been trying to take ‘arty farty, bloggie’ pictures to prove how good they can be. The bath pictures (ft my crazy eyebrows) are my most recent favourite although I wont be attempting them too often as I was so scared it was going to fall in!!

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

If you are after an Instagramable or blog type photo iPhones are really good for these types of pictures. I currently have an iPhone 8 and the camera is really good! I know on the even newer iPhone’s they have loads of amazing options like portrait mode which take amazing pictures. If you are looking at taking a few pictures whilst in public, it is much less embarrassing to crack out you phone instead of a massive DSLR camera. Plus, it’s ok if you know how to use your camera, but if the person taking the photo of you has no idea your screwed. There is nothing worse than handing over your camera and ending up with rubbish photos when you’ve just taken great ones of them. Most people can use an iPhone or mobile camera, so it is an easier option in these circumstances. The photo below was taken at Twenty One Pilots Concert not somewhere I would take my Sony A5000. I love this photo I think it was just good timing with the lighting and colours.

They also have a really good focus so you can take good close up pictures too. Just by tapping the screen you can change the focus and the lighting of the photo. I recently wrote a post on Macro Photography  where I mention the trusty iPhone macro pictures which is worth a look. It features like the ones below. I do find that some of my mobile pictures don’t really need editing too much. I am not a fan of much editing and normally just play around with the contrast and exposure. I am currently really loving the App VSCO. Yes, they have great filters but the process doesn’t make the pictures grain like Instagram and other editors do.


If you liked this post take a look at Kimberly she takes amazing photos on her Instagram and uses really simple cameras and iPhone’s as well as props she finds around her home. I have been giving this ago hence the bath and the mirror photos I have featured on this blog recently.

What do you use to take most of your pictures? Let me know in the comments.

Chloe May x

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49 thoughts on “iPhone Photography…

  1. These photos are so good!! I really like the ones in the bathtub, so artistic! I also love to photograph and also have the IPhone 8, I love how it captures all the real colors and the sharpness is crazy! Thanks for sharing, great post <33

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  2. I love these photos!! I’ve come to really appreciate my iPhone’s camera – it’s SO much easier to capture a moment since we always have our phones on us. I found that even though I enjoy my Kodak point-and-shoot, trying to figure out the right settings really distracted me from living in the moment 😂

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  3. Brilliant photos. As an amateur photographer I find the iPhone quite good as compared to some DSLRs. In fact whenever I go out now, I have the phone, my DSLR and GoPro for all kinds of shoots. I must say that even though the new iPhone is water resistant, I’d be scared of taking it anywhere near water.

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  4. It’s amazing how far mobile photography has come! I love the photos you shared! We have been using our mobile phones as our primary cameras during our year long adventure around the the world and have not been disappointed in the results.

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  5. I love phone photography, and like you said, nowadays, all high-end smartphones comes equipped with a great camera and some can even shoot RAW now!

    I used to shoot with my Sony mirrorless as well but if I’m being honest, I haven’t touched it since last summer. My phone is just sooo much more convenient to carry and whip out when I’m out and about and travelling. I’m tempted to sell my camera but I don’t want to give up photography just yet. I have to find a good balance between the two.

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  6. Lovely shots! So beautiful! I use my iphone for everything and am constantly still learning how to perfect pics. I will indeed check out the VSCO app you recommended as I am not a big fan of the grainy photography from some filters. How was the 21 Pilots concert? Am going in a couple months–can’t wait!

    Trace x | thefashioncollector.com

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  7. Fabulous! I love taking pictures, but I don’t think I’ll ever own a fancy camera because using my phone is so convenient and I have a ton of storage haha I would love to upgrade to one of the newer iPhones simply for the better camera though- I currently have a 7


  8. These photos are amazing, you’re so talented! I’ve also got an iPhone 8 and love the camera. Although I’d really like to have portrait mode because a few of my friends have it and I love the blurred background it creates, but I’m sure by the time I can upgrade my contract the iPhone 12 will be out and the camera will be beyond that 😂 x

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  9. Wow! wonderful post Cloe! that bathtub photo is just amazing and makes one wonder why would you need an expensive 2 Kg camera? The iPhones hardware is much more superior and I think the software also does great contribution to the final output. If your target is social media then smartphone cameras do an excellent job. Having said that when you have low light photography and long exposures going on the dedicated camera and the lens matters IMHO. I do lot of mobiles as well as dedicated camera shooting myself. For mobile phones, google’s app called Snapseed works great too. Cheers to you!

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