A New Tattoo…

I have added another member to my little body art collection, and I thought I would do a little post to mark the occasion. You can check out my other tattoos in this post My Piercings And Tattoos  that I wrote a while ago now. It will give you little info on the others that I have.

So, I am a dancer, dance teacher, dance lover and I wanted to celebrate that by getting a tattoo to represent that part of me for ages. But if you type ‘dance tattoo’ into google you get the cliche pointe shoe tattoo or a silhouette of a dancer in an arabesque. To be completely honest these tattoos make me want to vomit (oops but sorry if you have one). I see them as unoriginal ideas that are repeated constantly, plus I’m no ballet girl so it would be stupid getting pointe shoes. With this tattoo I wanting to think more outside of the box than that. Contemporary dance is my thing so being weird and quirky is all part of it right?!


I have been reading for a while now Rudolf Laban’s book ‘Laban for All’, the book basically talks through Laban’s system of annotation and his findings on shape and dance movement. How we as humans have a kinesphere that is the shape of our bodies greatest reach and movement range. When reading through this book I came across the shape of an Icosahedron. Laban believes this is the shape that is most closely related to the structure and movement ability of the human body. So, the Icosahedron tattoo idea was born. Instead of your cliche pointe shoe the shape of all human movement is much more up my street! So, there is a bit of info behind the shape but If your into dance I would really give the book a read I found it so interesting!!


If you know me or have followed me for a while you will also know that I love wild flowers or just flowers in general! I’ve known for a while that I wanted to incorporate flowers into my next tattoo. So, after some doodling at work I figured out how the two could go together.



So, there you go there is the little technical story behind this tattoo. I am really happy with the way it came out and the positioning of it! I think it’s super cool!

I love reading blog posts on peoples tattoos! Have you got any tattoos with a background meaning? Let me know in the comments below!


Chloe May x

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66 thoughts on “A New Tattoo…

  1. Loooove your tattoo! I grew up dancing and also would try to search tattoo ideas and I quickly gave up, just because of the same graphics associated with dance, like you said. I think this is such a cool and original idea! And it has a neat history and meaning. I don’t always think tattoos have to be anything other than what a person likes visually, but it’s always really sweet when there is a tat that means a little something extra. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I love the tattoo! I really want to get into contemporary dancing as I love it! I only do hip hop at the moment but I want to branch out 😊 great tattoo and story xx

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  3. Loving the new tattoo chloe ❤️ meaning is amazing too and much more interesting than the shoe designs! I have the Libertines tattooed on my foot because I was extremely drunk in miami and Miami Ink was massive at the time and I was obsessed with Pete Doherty plus always fancied myself as a rebel which is of course what libertine means… I was 18..now 33…I don’t regret it even if I do slightly cringe when anyone asks what I means 😂 I was filmed having it done though 😂

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  4. How cute is that Tattoo. You are so brave, I have wanted to get a tat for years but have never got round to it.

    I love that this has sentimental value to yo too.


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  5. That’s such a cool tattoo! I love that it has meaning behind it; I was meant to get a tattoo for my 18th but I’m nearly 22 now and haven’t got one because I really want something meaningful and I just can’t decide! I like the placement of yours too.


  6. I love the fact that you found an original way to express something you love. I dislike cliche’ tattoos. The design you came up with is beautiful.

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  7. Love the ink! I have a total of about 36 tattoos, my next one booked. Out of them all, I have 3 that don’t mean anything other than I liked them. The rest have a meaning. My favorite is one of my arm sleeves which has 3 lilies representing a mother’s love and 3 butterflies representing new life. It’s finished off with a quote saying “No one will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you are the only ones who know what my heart sounds like from the inside”
    For my children.
    I have some pictures of my tattoos in my body positivity post x

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  8. I really love all the thought that went into selecting and designing a tattoo that was a true representation of your interests rather than something more cliche (as you mentioned). Also, I like the dainty linework for this tattoo!!

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