A Big Haul…

Recently, admittedly I have been splashing the cash which is very unlike me because I am a super saver!! I’ve always wanted to do a haul post but haven’t ever had enough new things at once. I’m not really a needy person and thank’s to spending years as a skint student I had kind of gotten used to not spending money on myself. I have brought so many things that I am loving so so much recently so thought I would share them with you guys…

Bags & Clothes: I have never really been a handbag type of girl normally opting for a backpack as a quick fix for carry my things around. But for a while now I have been looking at Grays Alice Bag in Tan LeatherI spotted a lady at Cheltenham Races with this bag and it really completed her outfit. It’s a great shoulder bag and is such a good size for work or days when I need to carry a lot of items.


I also came across this Basket Bag from Asos and just had to order it. This bag was £20. It is such a different item and it’s a great size for a trip to the pub and makes a statement with any outfit. I think it will also be really handy when I go on holiday in a few months (hopefully as it hasn’t been booked yet). Clothing wise I have been loving my Asos, high waisted jeans. Normally a black jean girl it’s been nice to have a complete change. I have also been really enjoying posting my outfits on my Instagram story lately so make sure you go over and give me a follow to see them. I have been posting short videos like the one below featuring this cute top from H&M.

A Car:  I had luckily inherited my family’s old car when I returned from university and not being a huge car person that was fine by me. But the time came for a new upgrade. I have liked Fiat 500’s for ages and didn’t really fancy any other car that was on the market for a reasonable price. Now I know these cars are known to be a ‘Daddy brought my Car’ type of car. But be very sure that I paid for my car! I am so in love with this car! I am yet to see another dark blue one around and although I have only had him for around a week now, I think he is the coolest little car to drive. The retro interior is just the best and the drive is smooth and quiet considering it is such a small car.


Miscellaneous Items: If you follow my posts you may have seen my recent post New Bedroom Decor. I was scrolling through Etsy the other day and spotted this Wall Print I have loved this quote since reading A Mid Summers Night Dream as a teenager as I felt it fitted my small yet sometimes feisty personality. They do a few different quotes including this one and is a little different to hang up. I misplaced my water bottle around a week ago, so I needed a new one. I thought I would splash out and get a Chilly’s Water Bottle in Meadow. This one was £25, which is pricey but so far it is good. The bottle keeps the water really nice and cool which is nice mid dance class. 


Thanks for taking a look. I have been really loving so many of these items so really wanted to share them with you guys because I have liked them so much. I am also planning on going shopping on Thursday as I am running out of the essential underwear, socks, bras and work shoes, which maybe I should have thought about before bags, jeans and water bottles.

Let me know in the comments your thoughts and if you have or want similar items?

Chloe May x

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68 thoughts on “A Big Haul…

  1. I love both of these bags!! They’re so nice!
    Also well done for being able to buy your own car, that’s something you should be really proud of. I’ve always bought my own cars too but as you say there’s a lot of parents out there who can easily splash the cash but it makes it so much better when you know you’ve worked for it and it’s all yours! 😊

    Love Lozza xo

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  2. Those bags are gorgeous 😍 It’s so nice to treat yourself every once in a while! Love your car too it’s so pretty, love the colour, so unique as there are so many baby blue Fiat 500’s around x

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  3. So many gorgeous things! I can’t drive yet, but I really love the very pale blue Fiat 500! Also, loving the Chillys bottle – I have the lilac one and I love it. That H&M top is also gorgeous – looks amazing on you!

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

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  4. So many cute things! I really want the very pale blue Fiat 500 even though I can’t drive yet. I have the lilac Chillys bottle and I really love it – haven’t tried it with hot drinks yet. That H&M top is gorgeous and looks great on you!

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

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  5. I love the look of the Chilly’s water bottles! I think that when my current water bottle breaks or needs replacing then I will definitely be investing in one. Also, the basket bag from Asos is divine! Think I will have to look on Asos myself to see if I can get one!

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  6. Both of those bags are so nice but I particularly like the basket one as it looks perfect for summer! I’m like you where I don’t like splashing the cash so good on you for saving up for a car, the interior is lovely! Also the design on the bottle is so pretty and the price is worth it if it saves using plastic!x

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    1. Haha thanks Jenny! I love it too although I do have some black and white stripped trousers that match the seats. You’ll get there I was frightened of the motor way and concord that one a few weeks ago, 4 years after passing my test x


  7. I love that basket bag! I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect one for spring/summer but haven’t seen one around me that I liked and that wasn’t crazy expensive. Also loving that water bottle- how cute is it?!

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  8. Ooooo lots of lovely stuff, and that bottle design is so cute! I love the Grays bag, not sure it would sit on my shoulder well with a big winter coat but definitely one I’d like for the summer. How much was that? I’m already thinking ‘no, you have no money Caz, step away from the bags!’ I’ll see if I can find it online somewhere as a little window shopping can’t hurt 😉

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  9. I LOVE that tan handbag! I have to use a bag that kind of size for work and you can’t o wrong with tan can you?! I’ve also got a Chilly’s water bottle and my drinks stay cold literally all day which is brilliant! Especially in the summer. Lovely post xx


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  10. Hands down my Chilly bottle has been the best investment for me, it is excellent at keeping drinks cool without that “flask” or plastic taste and I’ve used it with soup too to stay warm. Love the pattern of yours, mines the peach pattern, I think I’ll get a wintery one near xmas

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      1. I bought one of those tin mugs to take with me to help with hot drinks as they come out scalding from the chilly unless you’ve got asbestos lips 🤣

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  11. Oh my gosh, I love both bags you bought– those basket ones are so in-style this season! You are so cute in that video 😉 & your new water bottle seems super nice. Congrats on your new car!! Fiat’s are adorable!!


  12. First off, I enjoyed reading your post, new blog follower here🤗😁😍 Chloe congratulations on your new car, it looks so fancy!!! 👏🏾 Such a wonderful accomplishment to save your money and buy something big like that, it’s exciting!! Your straw bag purse was really cute, it’s perfect for the beach, can we say, “Hello Summer!” ⛱️☀️🌊

    Natonya | https://www.justnatonya.wordpress.com

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