Race for Life…

If you know me, you will know that I hate running. I’m not a runner! I was not made to run! I will do anything I can not to run. Yes, I dance and am alright fitness wise that way, but I am a rubbish runner. But I have decided to do the 5K Race for Life for Cancer Research UK at the end of next month.

I am (touch wood) luck enough to not be affected in my immediate family by cancer. But in the last few weeks cancer has been mentioned in nearly every conversation I have had with anyone. My Mum’s friends are affected by it, and my work colleagues will list of the people they know with some type of cancer. Even the everyday people that walk into the office has or is affected by it. It effects everyone in some way and I have been left feeling so useless as you sit listening to the stories about people battling to live and I’m still going about my day to day. So, I thought I would do something, a little thing towards helping in the grand scheme of things.

I have around a month to train. I am only doing the 5K as I think that will be a struggle enough for now. But that should be enough time to prepare (she hopes). I will be doing the race on the 30th of June in Cheltenham (if your around it would be nice to see you there supporting everyone taking part).

If you would like to sponsor me, I will leave the link HERE!I am aiming for £100 ish plus if I can. I’m sure I will be posting about my journey on my social media and I will link those at the bottom of this post. I will also leave the cancer research page HERE  so you can see what the money goes towards on a daily basis.

Thanks for taking a look! Wish me luck!

Chloe May x


32 thoughts on “Race for Life…

  1. I ran in my first ever 5K last month for mental health awareness and omg it wore me out !!! But it was so much fun and it was for a great cause full of people with good intentions! It was just a great and fun atmosphere to be in! I really think you’re gonna like it!! 💜

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  2. Good luck! I try to take part in this every year to raise a bit of money, the pretty muddy event that they do is amazing and so much fun if there’s one near you!!

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