Mental Health Awareness Week 2019…

This week is Mental Health Awareness week and if you have followed me for a while you will know I had/ have my own share of dealings with my mental health. I like to do a little post on this subject on this week as a nod to that part of my life. I think I have said this in every MH blog I have ever posted but I think it’s good to hear. If you had asked me what I thought of people with Mental Health issues 5 years ago I would have said ‘Ahh they just need to get over themselves’. I was very wrong in thinking that.

The main feel I wanted for this post was the idea of looking out for people and just being nice. In the world of social media and over sharing comes the hate comments and nasty things we just wouldn’t say to someone’s face. I have been watching the Ricky Gervais comedy ‘Derek’ and his character is just so kind to everyone and it’s heart warming to watch. I think we can take a leaf out of that book. Even a little ‘oh you look nice today’ can make someone feel so much better about themselves. Yes, I admit I can be a judgmental bitch at times/a lot of the time, but we should all try to at least say something nice to each other. At some point mental health issues affects us all, even if your reading this thinking ‘Nope not me’. A down day, a down week, feeling alone, panicked or anxious. It will affect us all but that small comment may lift someone’s day, and possibly lift those bad thoughts.

Yes, it is not all roses and it is shit! But there are so many people out there feeling the same way. Speaking from experience I didn’t want to reach out for help at my worst points. I convinced myself I was ok and didn’t need it. Looking back, I did need help and it want until someone told me ‘you need help’ that I realised. There are so many charities and people who you can speak to now! Even voicing it to a friend or family member will help! Or surround yourself and focus on the good things. Yesterday I spent the day in the garden in the sunshine surrounded by dogs and I couldn’t have been happier! Fresh air and doggos!!

I will link below some of my previous MH posts if you wanted to follow my story a little more:

Thanks for taking a look

Chloe May x


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41 thoughts on “Mental Health Awareness Week 2019…

  1. I love the idea of being kinder. I try to remember that each person I meet is out there living their own life. I have no idea what they could be going through. Thanks for the reminder.

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  2. I think the world would be a brighter place & people would be happier if we were kinder to one another, and you’re right, just one nice comment can make someone that’s having a shitty time feel a little better. Great post on this, Chloe! xx

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  3. Very well said! I think we sometimes forget that other people can be suffering in silence despite what they seem like, so doing anything to brighten someone’s day could make such a difference. There really is no harm in being kind!

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  4. I’ve never seek Derek but have you watched After Life? That has Ricky Gervais in too and is so important surrounding mental health, particularly when going through bereavements. I always compliment people, I love watching their face light up.

    Alice xx


  5. Mental health is such a misunderstood issue. Even now, people are still reluctant to take a day off work for mental health whereas they wouldn’t think twice about doing so for a physical reason. You’re right though, there are far more places to find help from nowadays than when I was younger. And yes to the garden and fresh air – my garden is my go-to and it’s where all my self-care takes place! Lisa xx

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  6. I have a motto in life ‘Be kind because you never know what anyone else is going through’.

    Since everything in my own life hit the fan, so to speak, I am trying to be kinder to everyone and have patience. Pain is different for everyone and can impact them in different ways, and sometimes we all just need to be held together by kind words, rather than judgment and snide remarks.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I know it’s not easy ❤

    – Nyxie

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  7. I can’t believe how much the attitude to mental health has changed over the years. There’s still a long way to go, but a lot of progress has been made. When I was in hospital with anxiety 4 years ago, some people were telling me ‘just don’t worry’ and it’s not that simple, so thank you for pointing this out! It’s amazing what small things like fresh air and a compliment can do though X

    Megan |

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  8. Timely post. An unstable world makes it even more difficult. There’s always help and hope – but recognizing the need and being strong/brave enough to step out – more difficult than it should be in any situation.
    Public Awareness is the first step to helping society as a whole

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