Growing Your Own Veg…

Over the past month and a bit, I have been helping Jack in his garden. He decided to take use of his overgrown veg patch and try and actually grow some things. Throughout the process I have been documenting the growth through photos and I thought it would be good to show you guys in a blog post. This weekend we picked the first radishes and it felt so good to see something come out of it, plus they tasted really good too!


So far, we have planted Beetroot, Carrots, Onions, Cabbage, multiple types of beans, Peas, Radish, Purple Sprouting, lots of Lettuce and Rocket, Tomatoes and maybe some more that I can’t remember. Below are 3 pictures showing the patch just after we turned it over, in the middle of planting and as it was this weekend…


Bit of an improvement, right? I love how vivid and green it all looks. Yes, ok jack has the space, but you can grow anything anywhere I have been growing Cress in my bedroom in a tiny pot to go in my egg sandwiches. Cress in a packet costs between £1.50-£2.50 and you can grow lots from one packet, whereas from a supermarket it costs around £2 for a small punnet that you selfcut. If you also take a little search on Pinterest you can find so many ideas for growing veg in small spaces. From window boxes and using milk bottles for pots there is really no excuse to not grow things. I will pop the link to my Garden board on Pinterest so you can take a look at some ideas here!


Below is a little time lapse of us planting out some Purple Sprouting that we grew from seed…

So there you go! A little look at what I have spent my last few weekends doing. It is strangely rewarding to see it all growing and finally being able to eat some of it. Plus it didn’t take too much hard work to see some results.

Do you grown any veggies? Let me know in the comments..


Chloe May x

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42 thoughts on “Growing Your Own Veg…

  1. What a wonderful way to spend you ur time. Creating and growing and
    then feeling the joy when you see the resul and even eat it.
    Beautifully done. I also love home grown and hope to take more time
    to be as diligent as you are.


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  2. Aw I used to love growing different things when I was younger but completely grew out of it. Maybe I need to look into growing my own funny cress person in my window! (Haha throwback to primary school!)


  3. I love growing vegetables. I haven’t had a garden in such a long time,but this year I’m finally doing it. Loved your post! Your garden looks great!

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  4. I remember when we were younger, my mum gave us our own little patch of soil to grow strawberries in but we did not have the dedication to them that we should have so unfortunately they all died. I think I am destined to always buy my food from other people! xx

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