Race For Life…

Yesterday I completed my Race for Life at Cheltenham Race Course! 5K! I managed to run 5K. I’m really proud of myself. For me running 5k was a really big challenge and I even cried one time during training because I didn’t think I would ever manage it and I was also nearly sick once due to stitch but dramatics aside I did it!! You can see my original Race for Life post here back from when I was just starting out on this journey.


img_2642.jpgThe feel of the event was amazing and emotional! Everyone was so happy and so proud of everyone’s achievement. Reading everyone’s back signs on the way around was very touching. It wasn’t competitive at all and was such a nice environment to run in. I’m very glad I chose this for my first one! A huge thank you to everyone who sponsored me! Knowing I had people sponsoring me was a real push. I managed to raise £150 to help beat cancer! Together me and Hannah raised £210. That is enough for lots of equipment and training to help beat cancer. Which I am pretty excited about! Cheltenham’s event raised over £92 thousand! Which is incredible!!1


On another note I have found that getting my butt out for a run has really helped with my mental well being. If you know me, you will know I have a super busy schedule which can be a bit stressful at times. But even though I was anti-running getting my butt out for a run for 15-30 minutes has helped massively. And it strangely makes you feel good! Pushing yourself, getting that heart rate up and being active.


I’m putting it in writing now. This will not be my last run and I would love to maybe attempt the 10K (if I can) next year.

Thanks again,

Chloe May x

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50 thoughts on “Race For Life…

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! THAT IS SO AWESOME! It is serioulsy great that you have found such a healthy way to get better for your mental self and run for a good cause! My gosh, now I really want to go for a run tomorrow morning! Hehe!

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  2. Well done, that’s amazing! I loved reading everyone’s back signs too when I did mine, there’s definitely a sense of community! Great that this has encouraged you to do more running too especially if it helps your wellbeing!x

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  3. Well done! That’s a huge achievement and you should be incredibly proud of yourself not only for doing the 5k but for supporting a great charity at the same time.

    Best of luck with that 10k! You got this!

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  4. Well done. I agree about the running and how it’s good for mental health. I need to do it more. It is hard to begin with but you start reaping the benefits very quickly. Thanks for sharing your post x

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  5. Congratulations! Running 5k is such an amazing achievement. I’ve always wanted to do the Race for Life but just haven’t got round to it yet. xx
    El // Welsh Wanderer

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  6. Well done! I tried to pick up running last year, following the couch to 5k programme, but I could never get into it so I decided to stick with cycling instead. My best friend is a runner though and she always says that races keep her motivated. You should look into Park Runs near you. xx

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