I turned 23 on the 22nd. And this is my first blog post in a long time so it may be a babble…

22 was an awesome year and I hope it continues in the year of 23. I felt I really came into my own this year. My feet are more solidly set on the ground and I don’t feel like I am floating around in space as much anymore (which is great).

I recently made a start of a career move to enable me to teach dance more. Plus I am so excited about it maybe next year I will be writing about being completely self-employed? I have finished the contact days of my Sports Massage course and I have a few more things like assignments and case studies to do before I qualify. I am just so enthusiastic about it I could talk your ears off about it so all I am going to say is I love it and am very excited for its future.

Blogging took a little bit more of a back seat this past year. I took the decision just before new year to make better content less often. And I think it has really paid off. My views and stats are still good, and I have the best followers who comment and like every post which is amazing. I also really got into sponsored/gifted posts this year and have worked with some really cool companies. I am a busy lady, so this is the first post I’ve done in a while, but I love blogging and don’t want to just churn out complete rubbish 3x a week! It also happens to be my 3rd blogging birthday today which is cool!


Here is a little list of cool things that have happened in my 22nd year (I do also blog about a lot of these things because I normally only blog about the cool things I do!) :

Wow this turned into such a big yay me post! But if you can’t celebrate yourself on your birthday then when can you!


Chloe May x


52 thoughts on “23…

  1. Happy belated birthday lovely! I turned 23 in May and I found it really daunting as it meant I was well on my way to being in my “mid-20s” but despite facing some real challenges, it’s been amazing so far. I feel like age has brought me peace in a lot of things and much like you, the ability to find and work hard for my passion and hopeful career! I hope it’s a brilliant one for you 🙂
    Alice Xx

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