Kicking 5K…

So, I guess I should probably actually call myself a runner now? At the weekend I completed my second 5k race. I also managed to smash my personal best time by 5 minutes and got down to 33 minutes which I was super excited about. (Please excuse the awful running faces in the below pictures! I am yet to master running and looking good at the same time, if this is even achievable?).


At the start of the year if you had told me by September you would have completed 2x 5K races I would have told you to actually ‘jog on’. Over the past few months I have found myself slowly turning into a fitness freak. But I am loving it. I always convinced myself I wasn’t a runner, I hated it at school and would do anything not to do it. But even though I don’t want to really admit it I now really enjoy it. I get a real sense of achievement from it especially when you take part in a race. I do find running really difficult still don’t get me wrong. I have to really fight with myself at times. I have a bit of a battle with myself halfway through a run telling myself to stop. That wall is a difficult on but once you push yourself through that wall it’s a great feeling.


If I can give anyone any mental health/motivational advice it would be to get out and exercise. I have spent my fair share of time huddled under a blanket hoping everything would just go away. So, I feel I can rightly comment on this subject. I feel so much better for being active. I have more of a purpose and feel so much better in myself and I’m gaining a happy stronger body. Even if it is a walk around your town or housing estate. Get yourself up and moving! Even if that gradually becomes a little jog or an attempt at the couch to 5k app. Or even going to an organised class. I went running with my sisters dogs the other day and he adrenaline rush you get form that is mad! I know at the time it is the last thing you want to do but trust me when I say getting moving helps!


This blog has kind of become somewhere where I share my goals and triumphs so I guess I should tell you that my next aim is a 10K. I’ve managed to kick 5k’s butt, so I guess I need another aim! Now that is going to take some doing! And a lot of training as it is a lot further than I have ever ran before. But I’m going to try my hardest to achieve it.

Thanks for taking a look.

Chloe May x

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30 thoughts on “Kicking 5K…

  1. Great work Chloe. You’ve reached the position where you can absolutely push on and achieve much more in running. Once you’ve become addicted there is no cure 🙂 And you’ve not made the mistake of aiming too high at the outset. Steady training through the next few months and you’ll be flying next year.

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  2. Great work! My best time is an hour – I’ve only been in one 5k, though. I was walking every day at the time, though, and 3.1 miles takes me an hour which is almost or the same as 5k. I need to get back to that. Summer slows me down because it’s so hot, so I’m looking forward to cooler weather.

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  3. Well done on completing your 2nd 5k! And for beating your personal best, that’s amazing! I would love to get to a stage where I could do running again, but since my disability has gotten worse I’ve been advised to keep it light, running was always so therapeutic for me. I do think light exercise really helps though, even doing a little bit each day.

    Jordanne ||

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