Young Women & Careers…

Go to school, get married, have babies. That is what young women were being pushed towards by society. But I have noticed recently that lots of young women are really breaking that mould and are becoming business and career women in their own right. Maybe it has been happening for years, but I have really noticed it in the past few months. Women are killing it in the business world!!

I can list you a long list of young women under 30 who I know of alone who either run their own business or are smashing their individual career paths. These young women have houses and pay their way in everything they do. Some of these young women even have young families and balance their careers with baby organisation. Which is just awesome. I think gone are the days of women in the kitchen and are really making their mark on the business world. I work in a Recruitment Agency at the moment in the days. Every day I see women killing it in the business world, yet men seem to get all of the credit. One of my colleagues was speaking the other day about how nearly every young woman is so career driven now. She went on to say when she was younger all of her friends were just interested in getting boyfriends or getting married. Yes, getting a boyfriend is still a think but there are so many more options to and career paths to take now.

From my own experience I don’t think schools are great at showing kids all of the careers they are able to go into. They are more focused on exam results and university entries. But something somewhere is clicking because women seem so much more driven to create their own success. I have found myself in the position of setting ups my own career and I think it’s awesome. My sister runs a successful business and for a 25 year old that is awesome too. My friend is assistant manager of a coffee shop and others are getting promotions left right and centre and that’s awesome too! 

This is the most feminist post I think I have ever written, but I actually really enjoyed writing it! I was speaking to a guy friend yesterday who was so inspired to grow his business but there is nothing wrong with a bit of lady loving!

Thanks for taking a look.

Chloe May x

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29 thoughts on “Young Women & Careers…

  1. It is so great to see so many women killing it in the business world. I feel proud ❤️
    As an aspiring businesswoman, I see at a lot of these women as my role models and someday hope to balance it all myself.
    Lovely post.

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  2. I agree school isn’t the best place to discover what and how many professional opportunity we have in this world. so many thing… I have lot of girls arround me who have a Big carreer or decide to change professional direction to be their own boss ! so inspiring to see this kind of profil !

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  3. Totally agree with you – it’s so awesome to see so many women at smashing it with their careers. They definitely could do more in schools in terms of showing them what options are available. I’d love to run my own business someday and be my own boss! Great post, really empowering! xx

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  4. I couldn’t agree more with this! It’s actually quite sad that not long ago women didn’t know their worth as they simply weren’t allowed to take on big roles and were stereotyped as being in the home. I love seeing successful women now and find it so empowering! I still think there’s a way to go in recognising women on the same level as men in careers though.

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  5. Loved reading this post.

    I couldn’t agree more on the point of how school don’t really show you of all the potential career paths you can take.

    As a women one of the biggest life lessons my father ever said to me was “Beta (my son my father always referred to us as his sons as having 4 daughters when you come from an Pakistani background was seen as a bad thing) you need to be able to make your own money so you are not dependent on no man”


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