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A few weeks ago, I introduced you to our new family dog. You can find the original post here. I thought I would update you on all things Spud and fill your life with some more puppy pictures, because who doesn’t love a blog post filled with puppy pictures!

jack Russell puppy

He is now just over 20 weeks old and is zooming around everywhere like the crazy pup he is. He can climb the stairs but is yet to actually get down them. His favourite toy is currently a washing up brush and his teeth are starting to fall out now. He may still be little but he has grown a lot in the past few weeks. His ears being one of them! They have not only gotten so much bigger, but they have a life of their own. One day they are popped up and the next day they are floppy again.

Jack Russell PupSpud & chloemay blogs

He is finally getting over the puppy biting but does still enjoy taking off socks and trying to eat shoes. Last week he graduated his Puppy Classes where he has learnt a good list of different ticks including sit, down, stand, a beg like a little meerkat that we are calling ‘Up’. He is a really clever little guy but gets frustrated when he can’t work things out straight away. He really likes other dogs and loves to play with my sisters two, Ernie the border Collie and Rocket the Lurcher who is about 20x his size!! Every morning before work he comes for a cuddle and sits on my lap before I have to go to work which 1. is the cutest thing in the world, 2. Gets me covered in little white hairs & 3. Makes it so much harder to go to work.

puppy class graduate

So there you go a little bit more info on this little cutie. If you want to follow him some more you can find his Instagram linked below. I also post a few videos of him on my Instagram story so make sure you check that out too! On the 3rd of November we are taking him to the NEC in Birmingham for The National Pet Show as part of a display with Puppy School so if your there come say Hi!

Thanks as always,

Chloe May x

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  1. AW, thanks for the update, Chloe! That’s to darn adorable his teeth are falling out now & his ears change from perky to floppy. ❤ Love that he sits on your lap before you leave for work– he must want you to stay, hehe!


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