Body Image…

‘Body Image is a person’s perception of the aesthetics of their own body compared to the standards that have been set by society.’

Body image and confidence is always something I have had an issue with. But whilst saying that I do think having some kind of body issue/consciousness is very normal and a very human thing to feel. From being a late bloomer in high school with my non-existent boobs in Yr11 to panicking before a night out that I don’t look right, thinking I am 5 sizes bigger than I am and opting for baggy jumpers and joggers to just cover everything up (Just to mention a few (or a lot)). It is a normal thing! I think body image is defiantly heightened by fitness Instagram models, the Kardashians and social media in general.

Being from a dance background body image was always something at the back of my mind. It wasn’t exactly pushed, and no one ever said to me your fat don’t eat, but the skinnier you were the better or more liked/desired you were. Trust me when I say I fell into that hole whilst at uni. To cut a complex story short I just wasn’t fuelling myself enough for the amount of exercise I was doing and lost a lot of weight. But I thought I looked good. Looking back, I was a bag of bones and a set of cheek bones. This photo below is the only one I have from this time. My neck, wrists and face just look tiny!


There is a positive reason behind this post because recently I have been feeling very very body positive. Which is very unlike me, but I am actually living for it. I am learning to accept and love my little shape and curves. It’s cute Chlo love it, show it off!  I recently took a very risky Instagram picture before my works xmas party which is very unlike me! I felt a massive ‘F$*k Yeah’ after posting it because I knew I looked great! I think one of the biggest lessons I have learnt is that just because someone looks good in a type of clothing it doesn’t mean I will too. It’s ok if it doesn’t suit it. Example A: Mom jeans. They are super fashionable and loads of people look amazing in them yet every single pair I have ever tried on (and that’s a lot) grip me in the wrong place and make my butt & hips look ridiculously huge in comparison to the rest of my body. But you know what I look great in super tight high waisted jeans so I will just have to stick to them.


I guess long story short. I am really just trying to preach the fact that whatever your mama gave you, you should accept and be happy with. Yeah ok my stomach bloats when I eat crap which I don’t like but if I eat clean it goes and I am happy. I think as humans we will probably never accept every tiny bit of our bodies as they change and morph. But right now, I am happy that I am finally comfortable in my own skin because it’s pretty cool!

Thanks for taking a look.

Chloe May x


38 thoughts on “Body Image…

  1. Body positivity is so important! I too believe that we should feel proud and confident in our body!!
    Embracing our true self is very important!!
    Nice blog!!

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  2. I’m also working on my body positivity. It’s tough when you have expectations but also battling old habits (they definitely die hard with me lol) but I’m working on it slowly. I’m working on finding something everyday to be proud of and looking at my body and my style in a more positive light ❤️ Thanks for the post it’s very inspirational!!

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  3. I needed this post. I’m currently in full self loathing mode and I am really struggling to find anything that I like about myself at all.

    I needed to read this, It is so hard to accept that we are amazing.

    I hope one day, I can feel as positive about my body as you appear to.

    And that picture… WOW!

    Merry Christmas Chloe x

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  4. I completely relate to this post! I’ve always struggled with body image, especially in my younger years when I was significantly more active than I am now. I’m just now starting to accept the bod for what it is and to not be too hard on myself.

    Thank you for sharing!

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  5. Glad to see you’re feeling better about body image – it’s such a tough situation to be in because we SHOULD all be able to have at least a little confidence in ourselves. We’re the only version of ourselves we’re ever going to get.

    I have struggled with similar issues for a good few years, always comparing myself to other men of a similar age who are either more muscular and better built, look good with tattoos etc or those who simply are able to embrace the way they look. I have a long way to go but I hope it’ll come someday!

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    1. Thank you for your comment Thomas! It is really nice to hear it from a male perspective as well as females. I think it is a long process that even after writing this post I’m sure I will battle the issues again soon.
      Thanks again for your comment x


  6. Body image is definitely society’s perceptions. At the same time, that also means it’s just an opinion. I used to feel like I am not the right standard because I am too small and not structured like others. It is great that you’ve been feeling body positive! You look great! As long as we do our best to be our best selves, we are winning.

    Nancy ♥

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