Two Thousand & Twenty…

Two Thousand & Twenty. Twenty Twenty. 2020…

This past year I haven’t stopped and so much has happened! I always start these new year posts by saying that I wouldn’t have guessed I would be where I am now this time last year. But that definitely stands true, because wow what a year! I’m not sure where to start exactly…

Last year I was a little bit less lost, a little more focused, a lot more Chloe and looking forward to the future. A year later and I am no longer lost, I am so so focused, a hell of a lot more me than I thought I ever could be plus I am buzzing my tits of for what is coming my way in this new decade. I have done a lot this year and have probably blogged about a lot of them including Race For LifeA New Tattoo, losing our family dog Ruby, a new car,Twenty One Pilots Concert, turning 23, and collaborating with awesome companies like Bee Bombs* and The Legwear Co*.  and Jesmundo in my Yoga & Well-being*…


I think the biggest lesson I have learnt this year was to go with your gut because funnily enough she is usually right! If your feeling some kind of way you need to act on it because there is no point wandering around waiting for things to change whilst you fully well know deep down, they won’t. Yes, I admit I did that for a while this year and I am glad I spoke up made the changes that needed to change, and it shifted things around and has given me space to breathe.


I think the thing that I am most thankful for was the choice to do my Level 3 Sports Massage qualification this year. I started officially in August and qualified on December 11th. It has been so much work but I am so in love with it. It has given me a direction to work in and it’s something I have become really passionate about. This mixed with my dance teaching (which I still love and could talk your leg off about) it just works perfectly together. I can’t wait to build my client base in the new year and eventually leave my office job. Thanks to that course I have also met some pretty cool people who I think I will be friends with for a long time to come. The whole experience really opened my eyes to how capable I am and how many things I could actually aim for and achieve in life. The whole process over the last 6 months has really inspired me to achieve as much as possible in 2020.


Blogging took a massive turn this year as I re-branded everything at the start of this year and really took a focus on producing quality content. Yes, the blogging has had to take a back seat in the past few months and has kind of become my diary/place for all of my life updates but in 2020 I hope to produce some worthy and interesting content again. This blog also turned 3 years old in August. 3 years of my brain fart writing and thoughts shared into the internet! Madness!

So look I guess I better say and end this on look out 2020 and the new decade because here she comes!!

Thanks for taking a look.

Chloe x

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35 thoughts on “Two Thousand & Twenty…

  1. Great to see your enthusiasm for life Chloe. You’re so right to follow your heart rather than some imagined ‘correct’ path which most of us do. Happy New Year and look forward to reading of your further adventures.

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