CBD Oil Review…


CBD Oil Review…

This wonder oil has recently grown in popularity and everyone is really singing it’s praises. From helping with anxiety and sleeping patterns to helping with chronic aches and pains it is everywhere and people are loving it. Myself included.

I have been taking CBD oil for around two months now and was lucky enough to be gifted some by Evopure for a review. Evopure aim to provide organic, plant based products straight from its source to help support your everyday health. With the help of hemp farmers they provide only the best quality, sustainable sourced CBD, helping to reduce our impact on the earth. If you want to find out more about their products make sure you take a look at their website HERE  they have loads of info on their CBD oil and all of the benefits as well as answering all of the regularly asked CBD questions. 

Period Pains:

I wanted to include this one first because this was originally the reason why I started looking into CBD oils and products. I was doing some research on period pain remedies and came across multiple blog posts singing the praises of CBD oil and their benefits in improving period pains. If you follow this blog you will know I like talking about Periods so here is a little TMI for you; I get really bad period pains, like ones that ibuprofen don’t touch and they keep me up throughout the night and even sometimes makes sick. So I am very open to trying anything that might help out! I did find with my last period that the pains were reduced and I did sleep a lot better over the course of the week.



I have been taking a few drops of CBD oil around an hour before I go to bed whilst I am settling down with my book. My sleeping pattern can be really up and down as I either sleep all night badly, sleep heavily for a few hours then toss and turn or I stay awake half the night questioning our existence on this blue planet. If I am stressed then sleep can disappear completely! Since taking CBD I do think the sleep I have been getting has been deeper more worth while sleep and I wake up feeling ready to go in the morning.



I have always had really great skin but since turning 23 in August 19, my skin has been really getting to me it’s been itchy, acne prone, dry and was just in a really poor condition. I’m not 100% if this is down to the CBD oil as I have been very cautious with my skin but I have seen a vast improvements in quality of my skin in the last 2 months. So it could be down to CBD.


Personally I do think there are benefits to taking CBD Oil. I understand that lots of people think it is a placebo and doesn’t really do anything but if it makes me sleep like a log and enables me to function during a period then I am very much there for it.

Evopures CBD Oil retails at £24.99 but as a little incentive for you guys you can use my discount code:  CHLOE15 for 15% off.


Thanks for taking a look,
Chloe May x
* This is a gifted blog post and was I sent this product by Evopure in return for a blog post. Any queries and questions please email me: chloe-reynolds@hotmail.co.uk

23 thoughts on “CBD Oil Review…

  1. Oooo it’s interesting to hear how people get on with CBD, and it’s great this may be helping with the period pain & sleep! Maybe even skin, too. So you’re just using this orally, like 2 or 3 drops a night? I think you’ve got 3% stuff judging by the photo. There are stronger ones you can get (the one I have is 15%, so I could probably get away with one-two drops). It’s a good price for what you’ve got, probably works out better to do it like that and have a couple of drops and increase them as required. Neat review!
    Caz xx

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  2. I was sent some CBD oil around this time last year and it helped take the age off my anxiety, I really enjoyed using it! Didn’t enjoy the taste so much 😂 I haven’t used it in so long now though, I’ll have to get some more. I never paid attention to my period pains or sleep, but I’d be interested to see if it helps me with them?? Especially sleep, I’m like you where mine is so unpredictable and terrible!

    Beka | http://www.bekadaisies.com

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  3. I get horrific periods and I’ve tried just about everything but nothing has ever worked for me. I’ve never heard of CBD being used in that way before though, that’s so interesting! I’m really glad you’ve found something that helps x


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  4. This is so interesting to read! I feel like I see CBD products everywhere nowadays (I’m from Vancouver, after all) but I’ve never really tried anything for myself. (Except for Milk’s Kush mascara, I guess, but I’m pretty sure that’s just a gimmick!). I may just have to try it for sleep though, I could use it!

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  5. I am a strong advocate for all CBD Oils etc, my boyfriend’s grandparent uses it for chronic pain in her legs and she has never felt the lesser amount of pain she is feeling now in a very long time! Glad you’re enjoying the use of it!

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