Tricep Tattoo…

So, one of my favourite blog posts to read are about people’s tattoos. I love talking ink with my sports massage clients, there is something so strangely interesting about why and where people get things. So of course, when I got some new ink the week before last, I felt the need to share. And who doesn’t love being a bit nosey right?!


This is the third tattoo I have had done at Magnum Circus in Cheltenham. Their customer service, hygiene and artistry are always 100%. This was my second tattoo done by Lauren Scarrott I will pop the link to here Instagram here. Lauren is so lovely and has such a pretty tattoo style that really suits my taste. I had been considering getting a bunch of blackberries done for a while, so as soon as I saw this on one of Lauren’s flash sheets, I had to get it. It was exactly what I wanted.


Blackberry picking has always been something my family has always done throughout my childhood and Blackberries grow in places where people don’t want them to grow, yet they grow regardless and grow awesome fruit. I felt this was a strange metaphor for me over the past few years. I just keep growing even if people didn’t think I could anymore and I have found my place to be.


I will say this has been my least painful tattoo. I think because this one is placed on a meatier section of my body unlike my ankle and rib tattoos. But my ankle still wins for most painful tattoo so far. I also discovered it was super hard to take a picture of the back of your arm so excuse my rubbish attempts!!

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Thanks for taking a look.

Chloe May x



20 thoughts on “Tricep Tattoo…

  1. I love it, it’s so detailed! You can tell it was made by someone who knew what they were doing. So many of my friends didn’t do proper research first and ended up with a tattoo that they didn’t like. Choosing someone for the job is definitely something that should always be done with care – I myself don’t mind if that means paying some extra. I also love the message behind your ink, I always like to discover the meaning behind peoples’ tattoos! xx

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  2. As tattoos go, yes I like it. I love that short window in the year when you can go blackberry picking in the sun. However I’ve never quite understood the urge to be permanently branded. In my day 🙂 you could buy ‘transfers’ which you could apply as a temporary adornment. In fact Google suggests you still can.


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