Dancers, Strength & Cross Training.

I have been doing a lot of research recently on the importance of strength and cross training in dancers. And I wanted to share some of that learning and yes, it’s amazing I know, dancers can lift weights and train outside of the studio. Without strength or optimising strength potential you cannot develop good, explosive, dynamic end of range movements. And that is the exact … Continue reading Dancers, Strength & Cross Training.

Banana Protein Pancakes Recipe

|Banana Protein Pancakes| This is a really simple and easy recipe that is great for any meal and is quickly becoming one of my favourites for brunch. This is also a super handy recipe that uses those bananas that really need eating up. Ingredients:  2 eggs 1 banana Scoop of vanilla protein powder (this is optional and I am currently using the MyProteins vanilla whey … Continue reading Banana Protein Pancakes Recipe

Myofascial Cupping

So what exactly is Myofascial Cupping? What are the markings? And what exactly does it do? I did my myofascial cupping course back in February at The Cotswold Academy and really enjoy adding these into my treatments to reduce chronic tightness. I thought I would write a post answering the really common questions I get asked on the daily about why, when and what Myofascial … Continue reading Myofascial Cupping

What is a Sports Massage?

I qualified with my Sports Massage qualification in December and since beginning my business CR Sports Massage Therapy I always get similar questions about Sports Massage. To find out more about my massage work make sure you check out my Instagram @crsportsmassage or the rest of my socials at the bottom of this post. What is sports massage?: Unlike your normal relaxing holistic massage with … Continue reading What is a Sports Massage?

Richard Alston Final Edition Review…

Richard Alston Final Edition Review Last night I watched Richard Alstons Final Edition at Malvern Theatres. This is the last time the Richard Alston Company is producing and touring work so for me it was a must see. This final edition is due to changes made by The Place and the Arts Council England who are shifting funding to make an emphasis on touring younger … Continue reading Richard Alston Final Edition Review…